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As far as I am concerned if it gets ya stoned then go for it. I love buckets cause they are guaranteed to do the job every time. I have found another way that works on the same principle as buckets, but without water. Please forgive me if you already know, but I am explaining this for the people that don't know.

1- Get a 2 litre coke bottle and cut the bottom off like you would with a bucket. Grab some duct tape and wrap it around the cut bit, half on inside and half on outside, to cover up any sharp bits.

2- Next you need an empty bread bag, cause they are tough and strong.

3- Put your hand and arm in the bread bag then put it inside the cut bottle.

4- Next you need to wrap the bottom of the bread bag back up the outside of the bottle and use your tape to completely tape it to the outside of the bottle. (I shouldn't have to tell you that it needs to be as airtight as possible)

5- For the cone piece, do the same as you would for a bucket, put a hole in it and screw your conepiece it. (then pack it and screw it to the top of the bottle)

6- Next you stick your hand in the bottle and grab hold of the top of the bag.

7- Light the cone and slowly pull the bag out of the bottle and you will notice it fillin up with the great smoke we all love so much.

8- Pop the lid and suck like puck. I like to suck and then blow back into the bottle and then suck again a few times. This gets a great amount of smoke into your lungs without wasting it by coughing it all away. Obviously this can't be too good for your lungs but fuck it's a great way to smoke pot.


If no-one else has given it a name then I'll call it the "BUGGER BONG" , 'cause you only need a few and your buggered.


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We called them 'bread bag' bongs. Good for emergencies.


Funny, it reminds me of when I would be away from home on tour with a band. I would always try and make a bucket bong no matter what. If the hotel had a bath, I filled it up. If it didn't I would use the bin. If the bin was cane or non-water tight I would get the plastic bags and line the bin with it and have cones that way.......


I went to an exclusive island once up in Queensland and seriously they had no bins for rubbish. I had gravities instead. At the end of the bands stay, I had nowhere to put my coke bottle and cap etc, so I stashed it under the sink in the sink cavity. Hope they didn't find it.....






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