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Getting Scales, Need some weights


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Hi all,


Getting some scales and was wondering what the standard measurements for a foil, a 50 bag and 100.


I can work out how much an ounce or pound should weigh (duh) but what would be a good size.


I know that quantities will change on fixed priced sales due to quality etc, but how much are we looking at for bush and hydro?


Thanks ppl.

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Not that this site encourages dealing or the sale of weed...so this is if you are in the unfortunate situation of being unable to grow yourself, and have to get your buds elsewhere...For The Time Being ;) Anyhow I believe the standard for a foil is around about 1 gram, a fifty is around 3 grams and a hundred bag 7 grams or a quarter of an ounce.

There ya go, I hope thats about right..



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$400-00 for an Oz which is 28 grams.

so ya just work from there. ie.

1/2oz is 14 Grams - $200-00

1/4oz is 7 grams-$100-00

1/8oz is 3.5 grams- $50-00


OR $300-00 if they buy a full Oz, that whay you dont have to sell anything, People will buy it in the Oz, lowering the risk for you and then they sell it for a profit - IE- $400-00 an Oz, broken up.

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Please cease answering to this thread, I don't think it's constructive, helpful or at all within the rules of this site.


I hear you there skywalker, Nice nick btw.


Maybe you as a moderator should just delete the whole thing??

But why is this not a part of this site anyways? I hear ya about leos and police checking the site out. And it attracting unwanted attention, However this is a Cannibis community and as such I think this sort of thing should maybe have its own area?


The site on its own is enough to have Leos watching,

This site has a dot com, but no AU on the end.

So would I be right in assuming that, its not based in Australia?

If this is true maybe, they wouldnt give a crap anyways would they??

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