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Getting rid of heat and smell


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Hey all,

I have been reading up on all the posts and would love to set up a hydro one of these days. So last night I found myself reading through the latest Quokka ( Trading post paper in WA) and found some complete hydro setups with lights, fans, some with nutrients...everything you need for a grow. Some are already set up in cupboards etc. But I began wondering, what do you do for the smell, heat factor when you are renting or something along those lines? It's probably not the best to go around drilling holes through other peoples walls, ceilings etc. So yeah, I thought I would ask people what they do....are there ways to mask the smell just by using fans and stuff, withouth drilling and extracting air into ceiling space?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:)



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You could use a small fan fitted up to the wall vent of the room your grow room is in and plant a heap of things like mint and lavender down that side of the house to cover the mj smell on the outside. You could also get some of that self-adhesive foam rubber to seal around the door to prevent the smell escaping into the rest of the house.
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A carbon filter helps a heck of a lot too. ;)


The air inside a unit is usually quite amenable and fresh, provided the air movement into and out of the place is okay... This is because humans like to live in similar conditions to plants, below 30 degrees. And we'll usually have the house a sight lower than that.


So yeah, you can grow in a unit and not necessarily have to duct air a long distance, or damage anything. Keeping the smell down, (as anyone who's ever smelt a flowering mj plant will know exactly what it is, no joke) is one of your most important issues, as is keeping noise and removing all light leaks.


Oh, and if you go with a quokka or similar trading post book to get your hydro equipment, make sure you see the lights running before you buy it. There are a lot of ooooold hid systems out there... true, you can get a bargain, but be sure you know how long the bulbs and how old the unit is, and ask to see all items in running shape first. There's little protection otherwise.


You'd be wise to figure out a cover story too, unless you're absolutely 100% sure you'll a) never see them again and ;) they grow or were growing mj themselves at one stage. Otherwise you're just interested in raising your tomatoe seedlings indoors early in winter to get a head start... or some similar excuse. Or just say nothing. ;)


I feel you're much better purchasing your equipment new, and know that what you're getting is ready off the block and optimum. You might pay a bit more, but it's worth it IMO. Not all members here will agree with me on that. ;)


Good luck maynard, take your time mate, it's always better to study and know what you're doing before throwing it all together and hoping it works. Just a tip there. ;)

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Theres not much wrong with second hand gear.


However, I would buy a new bulb for it regardless of how new its supposed to be, Also if possible remove the ballast cover. To check for bugs and leaf matter. This will leave you with a good indication as to how long its been used, Weather or not its been laying on the floor, and possibly had water in it? contains bugs? (spider mites LOVE to hide in a ballast.)


;) Otherwise go hard, and when you have grown some bud, sell an Oz or 2 and buy a Brand new setup, and keep the old one as a spare unit.

Thats how I got started, I used second hand gear and upgraded one thing everygrow.

I now have all the new gear and stuff I wanted to buy before I grew. And its all cost me nothin.


As far as smell goes, I have all sorts of smelly plants around outside, and always throw a handful of blood and bone around as well. Sure my garden outside looks magazine beautiful. But thats just the decoy.


You have option of carbon filters, Ozone generators and you can even buy scent blocks which are like those smeely things used in a mens public loo.

Carbon filter and an ozone machine, To see what they look like.


just my 0.2c on that matter.

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Thanks for the replies guys, you have some good ideas:D Like Luke said I wanna be reasonably sure on what I am getting myself into first, know what I need, what I am gonna be able to afford to pay for electricity etc. I reckon this way I have something to aim at, I'll know what equipment to use, the roundabout price range for the stuff, what I can expect from yields etc....Thats where all you guys come in handy:D



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