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how about some books

Guest pilk

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if you like books that are quick and easy to read I recommend Robert Barrett. His story's are all based in sydney about a bouncer at an illegal casino in kings cross. fucking funny shit man.


Chuck palahniuk has some wacked out shit (fight club and choke etc etc)


hunter s thompson is a freak ( fear and loathing)


I just recently finished reading Marching Powder by rusty graham, its the true story of a pommy backpacker and his time in a bolivian prison. An awesome read

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Guest BridesNightie

I read a book recently that i thought "this is a great book to read whilst stoned!" its failry old now, called Blood Music by Greg Bear. It was published in 1986 - science fiction. "cellular structure as a means of information processing"... basically the blob comes to life, sort of. ;)


Along similar lines (though completely different) David Brins K'iln People. Where you can duplicate your 'soul' or 'being' into a claymation. cool as! Though the actual story let me down the idea is appealing.


Also, Vernor Vinge - Fire Upon the Deep and Across Realtime. Worth having a look if you like alternate realities.


cheers, BN

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I dont read many books but i have read i Brothers In Arms, it is about the bikey shoot out years back in sydney it was a good read, the other one i have read is True Crimes it is a hole heap of true stroyes of crimes by people in Australia going back to when just after Australia was first setteled up to about 1990 i think, i like reading fiction and some si-fi.
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Hey people, if you do come across a good read then you can always start a new topic about it in this forum, give us a quick summary on it so we get to know what it's about. You never know, one day when we don't have to be so paranoid this forum could turn into a book swap club. :;): ;)
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