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Help: growing problem and drying leaves...

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I have a 7 plants. they are approximately 2 mounts old.

they are under 20+25W compact fluros for 24hour . they are in ~1m3 Aliminum veneered cardboard box.

As you can see in photos, two of plants not growing good compared to others.

But worse, all of my plants older leaves are get paled and dry.

Used soil is bought from a market. (labeled as potting soil - torf)

1.5 week ago i started give liquid manure to them. (includes %20 N, %20 P, %20 K, etc.)


I read some topics in forum and i find some points i can reform. but i'm not sure what must i do.

please look my plants picture gallery and suggest a solution.



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Guest BudWaver

hard ot say even with the mega amounts of photos ya got


looks like the damage is on the old leaves and not the new ones so I would just pull them old ones off as it could be necrotised plant tissue or some nute burn


drop your dilution of nutes by 25% if your still worried and this is still happening but from the upper leaf growth they look fine


2 months old they should be much bigger try adding some extra cfs in there

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Ditch the cardboard and alfoil, go for something more stable like a small cupboard with some panda film or even better painted white. Then you'll need to get an extractor fan of some sort running in there. You need to exchange the air.


If I had to take a gamble, I'd agree with vas and say it appears to be underfert, but as you've only recently begun to apply ferts I wouldn't be surprised if you see a pick up in them in quick time. I could be wrong tho, that fert may be the cause of your troubles. How much of it did you apply?Less ferts often is better than more ferts over large gaps. :wacko: weakly, weekly. They're not too big, so you won't need too much fert for them. Tis far better to under than over do it. Particularly in small plants. Oh, which brings me to another one... how often are you watering? And what's the ph of the water and the soil?


They don't get much light, so you shouldn't be expecting tremendous growth rates anyway... Check out the forums, you'll find lots of helpful information on growing and setting up a growroom.


Just remember to supply them with the basic things that plants need in the right proportions, and they'll practically grow themselves.


Good luck mate. ;)



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