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Bongs and Cones

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a bong is just a basic pipe but passes the smoke thru water to cool it and clean it.


a cone is just a holder for the dope, where u hold the flame to,


a roach is just the butt of a finished joint, or a cylinder of cardboard or something at the mouth end of the joint, to hold it together and to prevent u from getting burnt fingers

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I am not joking when I say up until a few years ago I did not know how to smoke a bong. (at that stage I only smoked once or twice a year) I only smoked from bongs a few times and I just kept my thumb on the shotty the whole time and never cleared the chamber.


Anyway, I once foun this excellent site about bongs and smoking methods, except I can't remember the name of it. Hope that helps :wacko:

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Anyone have any sites on how bongs work and how to make them?


I have come across some but they aren't very descriptive. Can anyone tell me how a bong works and what all the components are? Why there is two holes and how the smoke goes through? Please if anyone has the time, explain please. I might not be the only one here wondering that. If you have any good sites for beginners give them to me too.


Thanks for your time,

Kaneinite aka Eric

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2 holes??? i always thought there were 3 holes ;) i will explain the 3 holes.


I think we all know that you put your mouth on the big hole up the top and suck ;)


The second hole is were the stem goes in and down into the water, this hole usually has a little rubber thing around it to make sure that it is airtight around the stem.


The third hole is there to clear the chamber, most newbies dont like using them becuase of the fast hitting and harshness. To use the hole which is usually called the "shotty" fill the bong with water till its just under the hole but so when you tilt it to smoke it doesnt pour out all over you ;) while your thumb is on the shotty pull on the bong untill the weed has gone or you feel your lungs getting full and then you can either take another breath or just take your thumb of the hole and pull it once more so you get all the smoke out of the bong and the next time you smoke you wont be having old stale smoke :wacko:


As for making bongs personally i wouldnt bother just go buy a small cheap glass one ;)

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Thanks, but how does it work with the weed and the smoke getting through the water? The weed is in the stem.....and what is the stem parts? Is the filter in the stem? Just please explain the stem and how to get the smoke to go through the water. How does the weed not fall down the stem into the water?


Thanks.....I'm a dumb newbie

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ok the weed doesnt go into the stem on top of the stem there is the cone peice......



| |

| |

| | <-----like so


There is no filter in the stem or the bong, this is what the water does as well as cooling down the smoke ......smoke a bit and then look at the water, you will see what i mean :wacko:


Now as for the weed not falling through the stem into the water the size of the whole in the conepeice is not big enough for the weed to fall through unless you have mulled the weed up so much its like a powder. The weed will only go through the conepeice once it is all burnt and you have to suck hard to get it through but then sometimes the hole in the conepeice will get blocked up and smoke wont be able to go through, i find i small allen key helps poking it through ;)


Keep asking as many questions as you want, the only way a newbie will learn is by asking ;)

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