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Paranoia Sets In

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Any Perth guys that want beautifully established females, ready for 12/12 are welcome to them by means of a donation.


I have too much to lose if I got sprung and have decided that it it may be easier to dispose of them to you guys that will look after them as I have. done. I really don't want to pull them and put them in the rubbish bin.


All plants are an excellent strains ( 4 ) and heavy croppers ( so I have read ). By the looks of them I can believe it. They have been grown hydroponically in expanded clay. I would like to see someone that is just starting up have them as I have pumps, reservoirs, aerators, grow rooms, fans etc.,


I also have 1 x 600 watt hps, 2 months use and 1 x 600 watt hps, 2 weeks use , both complete with all gear.


I dont know the safest way of disposing of all this gear but I rekon you guys will find a way to do it.


PM me if interested.

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Guest Wilderbud

That sucks. I remember getting paranoid on my first grow and moving itbefore budding. Have a look at penalties that have been given to other people for growing a few plants and you may get over it.


Its illegal to sell marijuana so I wouldnt do that - if you really want to ditch the gear then Ebay is a fairly safe place to do it [this site isnt where you should be selling things]. :rolleyes:


Dont lose your head and get yourself busted for immature plants.

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well mate, there is no absolute safe way to give them to someone. You are taking a risk. A bigger risk than if you just grew them out IMO.


but, they can still be of use to you. Make a big batch of canna butter and/or honey oil, and just leave a couple plants to flower out for bud. In WA its not likely you'll get more than a fine for a couple of plants.


take it easy mate and have a think about it, you may be kicking yourself next week if you rip em in a moment of panic.

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