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Ok this is wat i'll be doing

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hey Marty, are you going to grow that one plant from seed? cause it might be a male and you'll be wasting your time. what I would suggest is growing 4-6 seeds to make sure you get a good female. What you could do is, plant 4 seeds and grow them till about a foot tall then turn lights back to 12/12 and they will start to show if they are male or female. Pick the best girl and pot it up to a big pot then flower to finish.


What size box are you planning to grow in?


Yes you can grow with soil in pots under light. As far as the hydro stuff goes what you could do is go to nursery and get a 50/50 perlite/vermiculite mix and put in normal pots. Water with hydro nutes daily. You're now growing hydro. Soil is slower growing and more susceptible to infestation. so think about a simple handwatered perlite &vermiculite in pots.

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Hi there BlazinMarty and welcome to ozstoners,u could use a cf for veg but u will have slow groth rate compeared to the HPS and it could take up to 3 times longer under cf to veg to get them to point were u want to turn to 12/12,u can get a 400w HPS for around $200 new or u could look around at second hand placers to find 1 as i got my 400w HPS for $90 with globe and batwing but if u buy second hand have it looked at by a sparkey just to be on the safe side.


A good potting mix u can get for around $7 a bag, but as with most soil growers thay like to add at least 50% perlite so u have a 50/50 mix of soil and perlite but most indoor soil growers do about a 70/30 mix of soil/perlite, the perlite helps with the drainage and letting air to get to the roots for better plant growth, but as pipeman said u wont do as well in soil as u would in 100% hydro.


When it comes to how big u want ya plants the rule of thumb is i u have a plant that u veg up to 1 foot tall than turn to 12/12 u could end up with a plant 4 foot +, as a plant can streach up to 2/3 and even more in the floureing stage, so a lot can come doun to size of your grow area.


For nutes for my first in doors grow i used a soil mix and the nutes i used were for veg Miracle-Grow and for bud i used Yates Flour and Bloom for bud, but 1 thing u have to do is when growing in soil is not to OVER DO IT ON THE NUTES as it can build up in the soil very fast and than u can start getting a few hassels.


I hope this has help u out a little more and if not just ask away and ppl will be happy to help u and before u know it u will be growing nicd bug jucy buds.

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yeh im quite sick of buying weed, and have bad luck growing outdoors, everytime i plant a seed, out of about 30 seeds none of them popped up!!! im guessing its my shitty soil. DOH! ::rolleyes::

So i resort to paying $80 for a quarter ounce. ;)

i figure ill give it a shot indoors then i can get hopefully 3 ounces, that'd be awesome:D and gradly learn and shit... blah blah im talkin like an award ceromony, vic smoker, if u've heard of wombat gully and or chris and marie, i live near there... ::D: peace everyone ::P:


i just thought id post this awesome bong pic. hope you like it, and if you have one....WHERE DID YOU GET IT :P


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