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How hot is too hot....?

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If my room is too hot then i've got too much light right? (4x400w sont's 1x1000w metalh)


I have 4 50lt pots in 2.7m x 3m room in double brick home.



40 plus degree at canopy..


34 in room.


Do i just hoist lights up higher?


Any feed back would be "cool"




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Not so much too much light, as too many. You can get much more efficient lighting from 600w units, they'll put out effectively the same amount as 2 400w units. So if you were to replace the 4 400's with 2 600's (perhaps on a mover) and keep the 1000, or even get rid of that as well and just thow another couple 6's, or even just one more...


You need to make sure the canopy temps are somewhere in the 20 - 30 degree mark. The lower is generally conisidered better, although excellent results are found all up and down that region. When the temps get noticeably higher, or lower, the plants start to substantially slow down, as a lot of their energy is devoted to either nutrient uptake in a slow metabolic environment in the case of cold, or cooling the plant through massive water transpiration, or eventually little to none in the case of too hot.


Your case is too hot, so the growth rate will be nothing like it could be. When you're dealing with that many lights and plants that large, (I'm envisioning rather large bubbas here, not babies,) you really need to get into the air-conditioning arena to get effective cooling going. You can work with massive venting, but really, you need to keep smell down as well, and if you use filters to deal with this then you will get a real effect on the ventilation... anyway, get some info on airconning the room, and ensure that the humidity levels aren't dropped too low as an effect. You should be able to get something for less than a thousand dollars which would do the job. You'll still need to vent air, and the aircon may not be on all the time, so investigate these issues before throwing in a unit and hoping for the best. :(


Summer growing in Oz is murder, you'll find temps will usually fall to within normal ranges in our winters, depending on where you are, but yeah, it's a nasty time to have plants growing indoors without major air cooling happening..... :D Hope this has helped mate, I'm sure you'll have heaps of replies on this subject in no time. :(

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nah mate sounds pretty good to me, just ogtta get more ventilation through the room, cut some big fucking holes in the floor if its wooden, and get a huge fucking fan like a 1000cfm thing to suck the crap outta the place so your hair stands on end in there, maybe not that much, but lotsa fans going into the roof, dont just vent air in the same room.

If you've got enough ventilation you can keep any room at the same temp as outside temperatures.


Good luck with your gorws mate.

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Thanks Luke and White.....


I do have a charcoal filter with a tube fan for extraction which sucks pretty hard and not too loud (don't know cfm) and fan forced inlet through ceiling into bathroom with a/c ducting. On constantly when lights are on. One circulating fan in room.


Is this enough?


I do have floor boards..


I like the idea of the 600w hps....Might get one or two after this yield...


We have evaporative a/c might try to duct it into the room.




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You really need to keep your room below 30 degrees for best results, so until you achieve that you need more ventilation. 24-27 degrees is ideal range.


Evapourative coolers aren't the best IMO. To start with I don't think it will be very effective battling against that many lights. Secondly, evapourative coolers add moisture to the air, not take it out like proper airconditioners. But as long as you got good ventialltion mould shouldn't be a problem, but still....


evapourative coolers are really useless. I can't say enough bad things about them. I bought one once and took it back the next day.


Also look at where your inlet air is coming from. I think you said you are bringing it from the ceiling? Roof space air can be really hot. Try ducting from the room you got that evapourate cooler in, nice & cold. or outside air. But roof space air wouldn't be the best I'm guessing.

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When I get back from Sydney Next week I'll post on correct sizing of Evaporative and Reverse Cycle Air Conditoning.


I think that Evaps are good - as long as you live in the right area. You have to live in a dry climate. They don't work effectivly in coastal / humid areas.


As for thoes portable evaps that you can get - I don't think they really cut it.


Evap sizing is (in Metric Meters)


Area Length x width x height x40 = CMH


Refrigeration sizing is (in Metric Meters)


Area length x width x 160 (divided by) 1000 = kW (Kilo Watts)


If you have any questions please ask

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Thanks pipe and gunja...


I have turned off the 4x400w and lifted 1000w 600mm from tips...


Now I have 30 degrees at canopy...


My inlet source does come from inside the house it just travels through the cieling via a/c insulated ducting a few metres...


Girls are looking just fine....



May Many Happy Heads Turn To You All!!

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