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125 or 95 watt flores....

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Uh, what kinda light you referring to mate? There are High Pressure Sodium High Intensity Discharge lamps, Metal Halide HID's, Flouro's and then there are the useless for growing lamps, the low pressure sodium, incandescent and halogen lighting.....


A little more info would be helpful... but if you're talking HID's, then a 95 - 125 watt HID would give you a fairly small growspace, maybe a few ounces per cycle at peak... Of course, all grows are different and all growers plants are individual really, so that's just an out of the air figure really...


You'd be far better suited to get a 400w HPS HID lamp, (Dual spectrum agro bulb) and using this to produce a decent harvest for yourself. These will grow a good yeild in a cupboard or similar proportioned growroom, and provide enough buds and low enough power consumption to keep a home smoker happy for a while indeed... (depending on how much you love your mull of course.... ;) ) Check out the links in my sig for some shots of my growroom... I have a 400w son-t and it's doing me lovely. :P


Hope that helps Italian gardener... :P

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