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Browny Yellow spots on my leaves ?

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Yeah my plants are about 2 months old, i recently just transplanted 2 of the 4. they were 2 in each pot, 10" pot. now they have one pot to them selves. two of them are in bad shape, they have yellow spots on the leaves, and the underleaves are shriveled up, there was a bit of curling on some of the leaves on one of the other plants, but now it has the same problem as the yellow spotted one...i got 2 dotty trees! the other 2 are looking better, 1 of them has a little yellow spotty, but hardly any to worry about i think, and the other plant is growing beautifully, nice big and bushy, the leaves the size of your palm..

if someone could help me... they have had quite a bit of water... so could it be overwatering??


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Hey Jim , I have a simular problem , Ive found out that there's clorine in my water and this causes nuet-block , if you can get some distilled water it would be much beter for the plants and you could try follar feeding them so they get all the nuets there missing out on I found that miricle grow is a good folar feed , cheap to .

Wacked B)

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yeah some good water and some thrive, and they grow up nice and big, ive had them grow bout 8-9' in recent yrs....lucky i got a huge fence ey!

the plants are lookin real healthy now, i think it was just a bit of shock, and that they werent in the most magnificant sunlight, but all has been re-arranged, and they are little beautie.

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