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skateboarding moves

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There was hardly any cement around near where I lived with my 7 brothers and the rest of the local social-welfare community but when we found it we made use of it. One time we came across an empty house, one of the few with a cement back porch ! so we made the most of it, we kind of just went wild on that thing, I only had a thick board with plastic wheels on it . .. you can imagine what the painted cement floor looked like after we had finished with it! :rolleyes:


I don't recommend skateboarding when stoned. bones are fragile man!

skateboarding on the sweeping cement sides under bridges used to be good, but I don't recommend that either!



regards, tam

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yeah i was a skatey for a short period.

ripped jeans converse all stars and a 12 inch mo-hawk.


shit did i look the part. too bad i was never a terribly good skater :rolleyes:


i did then and still do enjoy the music though.

the skatey subculture did intoduce me to the world of punk.

bands like black flag , exploited.hardons etc

we thought we were so cool ::D:

in actual fact we were little shits :D

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Guest Elefunk

I used to live for skating.. i used to jig skool and skate everywhere from sydney to the gong, jumping on an off trains to the local bowl with mate, who also attentds this fourm.. from time to time. I had sims jeff phillips board, rodney mullen, Natas and a vision phyco sick most of em

all old skool boards with single kick..

i still have my natas, but dont ride very often im old now.. and balance is way offf...

Sk8ing was my life.. at one stage, buliding jump ramps and half and qtr pipes were the shizznit....


now all the generation of new skoolies have the shit ready built for em by



i wish i was 16 again..




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:rolleyes: Well i skate too, well i least i just picked it up after 2 years ( im 20 now) and iwas supprised to see that i can still do everything now after to years.


Being a girl and skating is harder then you think, you constantly have everyone judge you- a skater chick or a chick skater?


I only ever went in one Comp, i came 2nd though (girls Comp)

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Being a girl skateboarder is tough nowadays I hear but way back when...

there wasn't the same issues, the biggest thing back then was having to keep up with the boys and where I came from you had to skate on the bitumen roads mostly coz there was no cement or other smooth surfaces near by, and wheels and accoutrements were expensive!


Skateboarding is the biz though! What i used to love was the speed, on those hard plastic wheels :D I couldn't do much (ppl seems to want to do board flips and jumps these days) 'cept move fast and try to manoeuvre; oh and pull a pose like a handstand lay down or a phoon type thing. too cool for skool!

I used to luv crashing too. When you're skateboarding on roads and you are going so fast the best thing to do to stop is to take a tumble, preferably onto a grass verge! hmmm i still like to tumble on grass.


... I was writing a short story about this very subject, sort of, about a girl skateboarder who gets a few dudes together to go on skateboarding journeys through the city and to prime sites, they were already quite good skaters and together they get even better and work as a team, start doing comps etc and then she gets the arse coz she's a girl and she won't do what the promoters try to pressure her into doing, i.e. show more skin :angry: but I can't be bothered do anything aside from play with MaryJane at the moment :rolleyes:


Anyhow, I am way too old for skateboarding (39 leads inexorably to 40) getting old sucks the patootie big time :D Thinking of getting a bike instead ::D:



regards, tam


Don't forget to slip slop slap coz if you don't when you get older your skin will be crap!

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