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Hey guys I'm from the UK and I've just found this link on the Mark Thomas website




It seems they got shut down and banned several times for selling anti bush T-shirts with the slogan 'Smoke Bush not Iraq'


In the UK every student message board banned them and were politely asked not to come back to markets and boot sales because they were 'attracting the wrong sort of people'


A few us citizens even had their t-shirts confiscated on return to the US!


Do you have the same trouble in Oz?


for the full thread click here:





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years ago, when i was about 14 or 15, i wore this shirt which had the lyrics to an angels's song

no way

get f#cked

f#ck off.

it was in a qld shopping centre, and a couple of cops didn't like my shirt and kicked me out of the place.

i think it was about that time when i started losing faith in those that swore to serve and protect. :B):

Edited by wade ounce
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Guest Wilderbud

Thats a stupid saying anyway - who cares if its banned.


Africa has stolen our 'bush' and Amsterdam has stolen our 'mango' - whats next - oh yeah Robbie Williams is trying to steal our women [or is that girls].

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wade ounce: those weren't the lyrics to any Angels song. The song is an OZ rock classic ("Am i ever going to see your face again?") and those lines (and T-shirts) were just some stupid bogan chant. Should you be allowed to wear those lines on your clothing? I guess so, but I' d support anyone asking you to remove said clothing from a public space (it's visual pollution if nothing else).


wilderbud: yeah it's a stupid saying and a pretty basic design. I suppose, unlike the bogan chant, that it means well.

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censorship is always wrong! whatever the text may be. It's a basic thing. VERY BASIC.


"Freedom" of speech does not leave space for "exceptions". Period.


Gruntus bro.. "visual pollution" is a matter of personal taste. In the U.S. there's this dude Asscroft who has clothes draped over a statue in a public building becouse it showed a breast. (A statue of the lady of justice..for christ's sake), people can really drive intolerance very far. Don't forget, countries you all like for their freedom, like Holland, don't "moralize" the public. That's part of being free. NOT do be told what's "good for the public". Being really free has to do with tolerance towards any other opinion. Doesn't mean you have to agree. But it does mean you can't bother people for their personal taste, and certainly not arrest them or confiscate their stuff. That's nazi practise.


People can have bad taste, that's their right too. B)

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