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12 / 12 Night watering

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HI there,


Firstly, thanks to everyone for their advise. I've got 5 x 5 foot MJ's in full flower on the first attempt due to your help and support.


A question now.


Do you guys continue your watering cycles during the night cycle of 12 / 12 ?


I've always continued the water cycle of a night, but I have read recently that this can increase humidity to a dangerous level during the night, and encourage `Bud Rot' etc.


The RH on my Grow room has been about 70 - 85 % recently.


Again thank you for your help.



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Well Gunjy, it can increase the humidity maybe, but cold air holds less moisture than warm air, so it isn't the main reason. Your plants can only use nutes when there is light present, so watering them is not only a waste but can cause nutes to build up in you medium faster theus causing rootburn or nutrient lockout. BTW you should run your fans during the dark during the bloom period as this will greatly reduce the chances of budrot. But you generally only get this when you overstuff the space.

Keep a bloomin


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