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well, about 10 or so days ago i had my first crack at growing clones.

i took 16 clones of c99(thanks for the strain id cannabis pro)

i grew them in yates seed raising mix.(i screened the bigger bits of bark and shit out of it)in styrofome cups with about 6 holes punched in the bottom of them.

in heinsight i should have bought one of those cloning chambers. i will next time around.would have made job a lot easier.

i chose in the end to use 3,18 watt c.f's. they were the highest wattage i could get. would love to get my hands on one of those 48 watters that w.b has. ah well. price ya pay for living in the country.

for the first week i kept platic cups over the top of each one,for humidity after that time cups were taken off.

few days later the whole 16 have a strong root system. i am going to repot them and over the next week get them down to 15hrs sunlight before putting them outside.

does anyone else have any tips that i should know.?


a big thanks to luke,wezz, w.b taz, w.c,pipes,rob and anyone else who helped out.


cheers people


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Hey good one Wade, nothing better than having a bit of success hey?

apperently that C99 is a fucken wicked smoke!


I got a letter from the guy I got my clones off ( it was sposed to go in the package :D ) and he said the one with roots is Euro Bud and the other 2 are Verry Berry. He wants me too clone them and pass on the Karma, which is fair enuff to me, so when ready I'll give you guy's a shout (or anyone that's interested) and see if I can pass a couple along.

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