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good food

Guest pilk

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My friend made this mix of food for me one time and it was great.


you will need:



frosted flakes

chocolate grahmcrackers


you mix everything execpt the grahm crackers in a bowl, lots of fluff is good, then mix in different amounts of the other ingredients depending on what you like more. spread the goo onto the grahm and enjoy. you will probally want some milk handy b/c its worse than eating straight penut butter when high ;) just thought id share this with ya.....



pilk :P

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mmmm fluff. I dont mind a bit of fluff every now and again, hardly see it around any more. its all like sandpaper these days. But I dont mind. When you get it fresh theres nothing better.


But apart from that I dont think of fluff as being all that nice.


A fluff is what little kids call there farts.


A fluff girl sucks all the dicks of guys before they gangbang a woman.


We have a recipe very similar to that in australia, its called soggy saos.

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