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Mixing your own

Guest Wilderbud

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Guest Wilderbud

I found a good resource which describes how to make your own organic potting mix and the properties of each type of medium. I had to post the link before reading it because the link to the page claimed peat/compost is a great mix and I love these two mediums. Heres the link;


http://attra.ncat.org/attra-pub/potmix.html :P


One day Ill be able to say why I like peat and compost mix [with some blood and bone] but for now I just know it does some magic . :)


I got the link [below] after reading about disease suppresant potting mix - thanks to Luke 'the Force' Skywalker for pointing this out to me as I never would have known why I like to mix peat in with things. :P




Itd be nice to have this info on our FAQ for outdoor growing - ATTRA seems to have some good information and Ill keep reading over time.

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Guest Wilderbud

Hehe, you didnt say it to me but you said something about disease suppressant soil to stop damping off and I looked on the Internet to see what you were talking about - seems this is why I like peat/compost [good anti-disease medium] - I usually had damping off/rot problems when using plain old soil. :P


I also learnt something else about peat which has probably helped me without me knowing why - it is an acidic soil and that probably evens out my alkaline tap water to about 5-6 PH.


I read a lot about gardening but it doesnt all sink in and Ive never read about damping off or peat so kudos for giving me something to learn yesterday. ;)

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