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G,day stoners

I have a 1000w MH above my girls at the moment, I have just picked up 2 400w HPS but the trouble is that where I have them they won't let me put any more lights up because off the power( even though I pay the whole bill) they are just a bit scared.

I am in my 3rd week off budding would I be better to put up one off the HPS or leave the MH going;. I would love to use them all but have to wait till next grow.

Any thing would be great

Thanks BB

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Deifenitly leave the MH up...first of all it's got more light and 2ndly it's got a tad more red than a HPS.... :P

The reasom they don't want you plugging all the lights in is that most houses don't have enough capacity for that type of thing...especially older houses. One place I was in burnt the wiring out because we had this big ol dryer that used about 20 amps and the wiring was for 10 or something...But, if your already into flowing the MH light will be fine, especially if it's a thousand watter!! :P

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Guest weekprik
personally I would use both the 400s, with new sonty agro bulbs, instead of the 1000watter for you next grow, but leave as is for this lot. :P Edited by weekprik
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