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organic fertilizer,manure


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Guest Wilderbud

Hope youre outdoors as shit stinks. :P


Chicken manure [high N, average P & low K] is what you want for growth stage and bat guano low N, average P and high K] for flowering stage if you want to make seperate liquid fertilizers from different shits. Id use a balanced composted manure [cow/horse] in the soil and feed with liquid urea [N] and potash [K] during grow and flower stages if you want more controlled growth [not totally organic but its close enough].

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Pipeman, you might want to put this in the growfaq


g'day mate, there is a product on the market called Terrafoska complete t.e. it is oraganic it is extracted from blood and bone and seaweed

it contains 8%sulpher and 10% calcium plus all trace elements. it has an npk of 12,4,8

you want a npk of 20 20 20. to get the ferts npk up, you will have to put in a few addatives.to make it easier, i'll put it in amounts reqired per hole 2 ft cubed.

super phosphate(triple is better)but i couldn't get it 45gr

sulphate of potash 20 gr

sulphate imonia 20 gr

water crystals 10 gr

i also put in some mushroom compost about a bucket full.

oh yeah, these addatives get mixed with 400 gr of terrafoska te.

i mix it up in a chook feed bag, but a big bucket or something would work.

put the brew in about 2 weeks prior to planting give it a couple of good drenchings bfore planting. to get all the micro nutrients working.

i reckon its better to have the fert in the bottom half so the roots can go searching for it

give it a urea tea at 2wks and a urea and potash tea at 4wks and just a potash tea at 6 wks. and another potash tea at 8 wks if it's a longer flowering period. make sure that you only give straight water 2 weeks prior to harvest. it leaches all the chems out.

all this imformation was given to me by a very cool botanist from terrafirma fertilizers and i am eternally greatful to him.

it costs 25$ for a 40kg bag and can be bought from produce stores australia wide.


Terrafirma fertilizers


happy growing

wade ounce

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use heaps of chook shit, blood & bone during vegetative season. other good ones are charlie carp and seasol.


during flowering, you will need to use superphosphate and some sort of flowering fertiliser (i use manutec but there are others). it's not organic but hey.


and be very, very careful with fertiliser: its a fine line between death and happy plants. if in doubt, give them less.

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yeah thats right., especially with the salts. i did a test a week ago when giving when giving potassium and nitrogen hit.

gave 1 foliar feed with 5 litres nutrient, burn the ass out of it has grown 2 inches

gave 1, 5 litres nutrients over drip line. has grown 6 inches. no burning.!


the plants are in a very decomposed organic mix and are probably about 2 weeks into heading.

they came from bag seed so i can't be 100 % sure that the increased growth wasn't just due to genetics. never know what your gonna end up with when ya use bagseed.

i'll test it on clones and then we'll see.

valley villain i'd probably still class it as organic wouldn't you?regardless of the amount of salts you may give them with teas, as long as it's grown in a basically organic mixture, and the ferts are leached out properly,you could still class it as organically grown. wouldn,t you say.?

I think too many newbie outdoor growers are being put off using the basic salts in their mixture for fear of it not being classed as organic.

our aussie soil just hasn't got the guts to grow those big 2 pounders we're always dreaming about .

fair enough, if your built like a tank with the stamina of a race horse, and prepared to lug about 30 kg of decomposed organic matter, per hole. out through our wonderful australian summer sun go for it.!

remembering that for maximum yield(and lets face it, we want maximum yield) each plant grown in the bush is gonna need approximately 20 litres per day.!

don't get me wrong,i think there's nothing tastier than organically grown outdoor bud.

it's just too fucken hot this time of the year to be growing weed in the aussie bush.

unless you're hardcore(and i know there are many hardcore outdoor growers out there)you're just not going to get the yield that you would have expected in the beginning. we've all been there

if you grow outdoors, you've really got to try and grow a years worth. in my situation i need to about 4 pound to keep my partner and i going for a year without having to buy. unless your getting a pound a plant, it's bloody hard work. i only ever expect 6 to 8 oz a plant. sometimes don't even get that! have another look at my previous reply.

it is such an easy mix.

all the ingrdients combined cost me under 50 bucks. and the salts (sulphate of potash, sulphate of imonia and super phosphate can be bought from your local nursery.

it's only the base fert that you'd have to buy from a produce store.

if you've read any of my posts you'd know that i'm not a rep or anything like that. :lol: it's just that before this season i'd been looking around for an organic ,easy to use fert with a reasonably high npk. and after a bit of searching i came acrross this terrafirma stuff.

anyway, ive probably rambled enough. it's just that i've become so passionate about growing this beautiful plant outdoors


alright i'll leave yas alone now

wade B)

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Hay & whats up I'm new to your site & just wanted to see what s going on OZ... I'm from Team Devils Harvest & I wanted to share a short version of our NPK chart .



Rabbit manure




Most concentrated of animal manures in fresh form.


Cow manure (dairy)




Often contains weed seeds, should be hot composted.


Steer manure




Often contains weed seeds, should be hot composted if fresh.


Chicken manure




Fast acting, breaks down quickest of all manures.

Use carefully, may burn. Also, stinks like hell - composting definitely recommended.


Horse manure




Medium breakdown time.


Duck manure






Sheep manure






Worm castings




50% organic material plus 11 trace minerals. Great for seedlings, will not burn.

Is a form of compost, so doesn't need composting.





I'd like to add IMHO the best way to grow Organic budz (Guano) seabird/bat..








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