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Guest Wilderbud

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Guest Wilderbud

My first experience with clonex wasnt good. I must have killed about 20-odd cuttings when learning how to clone so I gave up on cloning as a bad joke.


I have recently been rooting strikings without any rooting hormone and have cloned more than 20 cuttings this way with 100% success and only 3 days humidity but anytime I pulled the clones up to wash the peat off it was basically only a couple of thin roots coming off the plant [every time] so they didnt have much vigor.


So... I grabbed some clonex 2 weeks ago to try it out again [it is a rooting hormone afterall] and I used it on 2 cuttings I took from a pre-flowering plant. Im bloody impresed with the roots this thing has produced and I wont clone without clonex again. I have a bunch of about 25 inch-long roots coming from the clone and it should have been rooting for only the last 3 or so days.


I was about to call this stuff a waste of time as I thought it must have been the clonex killing the cuttings on my first attempts. Its not $50 like I thought it was either - its just $10 and would do about a hundred cuts [dont dip into the clonex bottle incase you spread a disease BTW - drip a bit out then dip into that instead]. :)


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Hey, how are ya Wilderbud??

I reckon Clonex is the best shit around. I rarely lose any clones and I am always rough as with them. The only rule I generally stick to is to have a clean, new blade and cut it on a 45 degree angle.

Mates have had heaps of trouble before with clones, but they love the Clonex. I'll have to be more careful and drip some out first in future to, like you said, stop any nasties spreading but I always just dipped it in and hey Presto!!!


Cone time!!


Good times......


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I doubt it would be possible to over fert. If it did anything bad by dripping into the top of the cube it would be from lack of air to the clone.


Clonex rocks. :D


Good tip on the pouring out into a separate container too. Don't just dump the remainder back into the container, or use the lid to hold the stuff either, as this defeats the purpose. :)


The no1 reason I've seen for clone failure is absence of cleanliness. :P

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Guest Wilderbud
I was stoned when I wrote all that - 2.5cm roots not 25 inches *hides head from embarassment*. Anyway the pic speaks a thousand words - I think anyone would be pleased with a bunch of strong roots instead of a few weak ones. :D
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You? Stoned? Never... :P


I might also add that I've had some success using aloe vera gel and honey as a cloning gel of sorts. Both substances have anti-bacterial and surprisingly anti-fungal properties, as well as assisting root growth.


I may have some pics buried in my pc of that excercise somewhere, if anyone's interested... I think I got about the same amount of strike rate from the aloe/honey treated clones as I did the clonex ones, can't remember exactly... :)


But it's something to consider, particularly if you don't have any clonex or cutting powders, and are interested in organic cloning. :P :D

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