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How to store your stash

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:) gudday all. I'm coming to end with some of my babies and i was wondering what's the best way to store ya weed outdoors. Last season I stored it indoors, but we have had quite a few raids in the area lately and the parranoia is starting to set in. I'm on the land with 100's of acres of bush around me, and was thinking of putting it in an air tight bucket and burying it. would this work o.k? Would i have to dry it a little extra so it doesn't grow mould on it?

Thanks guys

Bush billy




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Guest Wilderbud

It works well - use glass and not plastic, ceramic or metal so it doesnt taste bad or dry out too much and also make sure its airtight so it doesnt intake the ground moisture [coffee/rice/sugar jars]. The ground will keep it cool and dark like a freezer with no light. I dont know how long itll store this way but Ive smoked stuff that was buried for a month [i knew a connoseur at one stage who cured it this way].


I think drying it out for a few weeks first would be ideal.

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I think drying it out for a few weeks first would be ideal.
Definitley, I'd slow dry it for a few weeks before I stored it. I've got a few of those really big maxwell coffee jars, like the jumbo size ones ::): And some big jars with clips and rubbers seals, they work really well.
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