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dose any one were to get these aquamiser in qld i have been looking around but cant seem to find them in qld lol


and with an air stone in ya nutes should u have it running all the time as i have it set on the same timer as my watering system and comes on when my pump dose and goes off when the feed is finnished ;)

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You should run your airstone 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, not just when you feed. Put it on its own socket without a timer dude.

That aquamiser thing looks interesting, but is it much different to litte

pots with gladwrap over the top with holes punched in it, all sitting in a tray of shallow water? I used to line em up on the window sill in those green rectangle trays fron the 2 dollar shop, and keep a real shallow amount of water in there. Worked a treat, but I did it with soil in those days. Does that thing work with rockwool?

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Yes, it does work with rockwool, although I've used it with a base 2-3cm layer of coarse perlite, and then a 50/50 mix of perlite vermiculite, and a small cube in the center, buried to the surface. This has cloned magnificently this way. I've also seen it with large cubes simply placed in the base of the pots. There are sponges between the pots and water level, so it's not quite as quick at wicking as you may imagine. lol


The difference between the aquamiser and the simple system you've described Wassily, is moderate, but there. It has a gravity fed type of float valve, that keeps the water levels stable, and only needs a 2l bottle to maintain. This can be a great advantage when they start to root and draw up heaps of water in comparison with the others, but the water levels will remain stable. The only thing you need to do is keep the bottle topped up with ph water and keep it above the level of the aquamiser itself. It comes with a 4mm length suitable, although if you have it over a couple of feet above you may need an extra long length which could be purchased in hydro or garden shops.


I'm currently using the aquamiser for seed raising of veggies more than cloning, because I need it for that purpose... (spring is a busy time for me in the vegie and flower garden. ;) )...although I'm sure it would come out great. I did do one clone in this, with some other seeds I was raising, and it rooted quickly and well. The individual nature of the cloning hoods allows much more individual control over the humidity needs of each clone. If some start earlier than others, then you can open the butterfly valves earlier than others who are still rooting...


Now, you only have 8 in the sys at one time, but you do get 16 pots and hoods, so you can replace rooted clones straight into the system whilst others are busily rooting away, waiting to be removed.


If you're interested, I have spoken with my hydroponics shop and they've said they're more than willing to do mail order to the eastern states. You may be able to get them thru the site, but if you have trouble, the offer is open. Just pm me to find out the name, and I'll pass you on to them. ;)


Oh yeah, and the air pump thing, 24 hours a day mate.



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