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Uhhh, tabbycat, don't take this the wrong way, but the point of the site is more to advise growers in Oz about how to set up, not to advertise Overgrow. That's the 3rd time you've posted a grouping of Overgrow threads as links here.... Is there no other source of information for you on the web? ;)


As pipeman said to you before....

there's no problem linking to another MJ site on occasion if its something specific, but as a rule we don't like to be a directory assistance for overgrow threads. otherwise we may as well all head over ther and shut this place down.



Please, if you think the info at overgrow is so useful, then encourage people to go there, but do it somewhere else please. If you want to help growers here, then take the relevant information and express it in your own words in a thread on the subject. You obviously love bubblers, so why not do a "how to" thread about em here? Rather than just telling everyone to go to a US based site. lol


I don't want to seem harsh man, but three strikes, and the Jedi comes a callin... 4 and you're likely to get a Taz Stoner up the backside. ;)... Seriously, chill out, share the love, but yeah, take it easy on the OG directories, eh? ;)

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Skywalker, I usually stay away from subjects like this, but I would have thought posting links is a good way to help others become more knowledgeable on the subject. I know I have done similar things. And why rewrite all the info that is contained in these links? Overgrow does contain some good info as does cannabisworld, but I like hanging out here with other aussies.


Just my 2c worth.

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Yeah Skywalker, your asking me to chill out and share the love! Man i wasn't aware of your policies on supporting other cannabis related sites or for that matter Pipeman's guidelines (missed that!). So sorry if i've crossed some sort of boundary i wasn't aware of. Mate i can understand keeping OZ cannabis culture alive but surely there can be compromise. As far as advertisng or becoming a 'directory assistance' for overseas sites - guys what are you talking about? What possible reason could i have for doing this. I see MJ as a global culture - just because some of these people are from different places doesn't make them 'un-ozzie' or something. Look i fully intend to build and share with you guys a fuckin' Aussie built and designed DWC Bubbler but i'm not going to reinvent the wheel bro. The information i provided is from class people who have put in a huge effort to get things write. I spent a great deal of time editing this list and actually ommitted many sites i thought were unworthy. I guess what i'm saying to you guys is i can understand you do have policies on not listing other cannabis related sites but i'm struggling to find out why? What gives my fine fury friends? lol

No problem Tugboat ;)

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Hey guys... sorry if I seemed harsh at all, not intended, I assure ya...


But we've had this discussion here at Ozstoners before, and we sorta came out on the side of trying to actively help growers here onsite, rather than sending them offsite when someone asks a q...


There's no problem with occasionally linking to an article when it's called for, but turbo posting 3 lists of overgrow sites with a total of 27 separate links to overgrow is a bit much, don't ya think? I'm not disputing the nature of the links, they all appear to be very good ones, but really.... 27?


We have a "Growing FAQ" here, for just these sort of links, if you think they are really deserving and show something that nothing else here does or describes, then by all means submit them there...


If my words seemed a little irreverent in my earlier post, about the jedi comming calling and all that, sorry buddy, no offence was intended, just jest...


I hope this clears up the misunderstanding, if any of the more senior mods would like to shoot me down, I'll quickly and gladly retract... until then, could we please try and keep the turbo linking to OG to a min?

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I can see both sides of the issue here, no worries. You were told yesterday tabbycat to keep it to a couple by myself I think.

This site is not here to refer people to yankeegrow.com or other sites. Yes, the info is good, and no, there is nothing wrong with posting a COUPLE of links when relevant or needed. Otherwise, do as Luke has suggested and submit it to the FAQ forum.

If we started turbo posting links such as these, Pipeman is right. We may as well shut the doors down and move over there.

It's got nothing to do with it not being Aussie built, it's because we love Oz Stoners soooooooooo much, and we try to support the site as much as possible.

We need to see more about dwc here, but not by links to other sites (like 27 anyway ;) ). We need more people to post about it. I've been thinking about changing over to dwc, so I'll do some more stuff on it to post up. Also scrog needs a bit more info too, although rattdogg has helped in that department. Also, memnock does scrog if I remember correctly. So there will be more info about, eventually. If you know anyone who grows like this at home and has the net, put them onto OS. The more, the merrier! lol

The FAQ forum is great for info alone too, especially newbies. Pipeman did a good job on it ;)

So, no-ones trying to give you a hard time because we like to (much) ;) If you're going to grow dwc, then please stick around and help us out with expanding the info on it here in Oz!

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I'd be surprised if any members of this site hasn't heard of, visited or even has an account on Overgrow or other MJ related sites. Its not going to take members away from Ozstoners....especially if your from down under.

If there's something you want to know in a hurry,Overgrow is where most of us go, right?? So I think its a bit harsh to tear strips off a new member for doing what this site is for, helping each other. lol

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