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Tryed cookies an choickies?

Guest Babybear

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Guest Babybear

There is some great weed food out there when i get a chance i like to go to nimnin an buy canabis cookies they are arouns 3 for 5$ i think an well 2-3 (if u are a reg smoker) would get ya stonned for atleast 4 hrs its a great stone there choickies are good but not as good, they give you the bad case of the munchies, And if you eat to much of there cookies you errm well let out a fair bit of stink the next day B)

those are teh only canabis food i have tryed so far , now that type of thing would be easeyer to send to friends wouldnt it? Or cant u send prepacked food in male around aussie?

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Guest Urbanhog

Yeah you can send cookies/muffins/canna-pesto thru mail on expressmail... I often do this to send my muffins/cookies to my mates and rellies interstate, as long you send them fresh, not straight out of the freezer then send it off because you often cannot -re-freeze some foods (what happens if the receiver freezes them??) , and this can cause upset stomach/food posioning.... its best to send off in the morning/day of making the cookies/whatever on the day or least day after you made them and let the "mail receiver" freeze them.... ;) Also make sure you send the foods AFTER they are well and way cooled down!!


Also make sure you send them in nice secure containers and also airtight which is very important...you never know what the mails go thru.....also you dont want the receivers to receive a squashed/mushed cookies/muffins right??? :blink:


Yeah the cookies in Nimbin are pretty cheap..some are good, some are bit B) .... :( ...... B)

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