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Internodal distancy mostly strain dependant


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Everything growing related is at least 50% dependant on strain I reckon.


So I half agree.


But its still very important to keep the lights as close as possible and keep good lighting during flowering, thats when you'll notice it. outdoors you will really notice how light is very important to node length.


Also under flouros at the tops your plants get good light because they can get so close to the light, but if you grow those plants tall you will find the bottom internodes will stretch heaps.


alot of internodal lengthening is caused by cold nights and hot days.


maybe the reason you get long upper nodes under HID is keeping the lamps too close without enough ventillation?

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another reason plants can stretch in the vegetaive period if the grow space becomes overcrowded, and some plants are being smothered.

I know this is common sence, but I just thought Id throw it into the mix.

I find one of the reasons plants can stretch in the flowering period is because of inadequate root mass or health or restrictions..eg; some strains will stretch a lot less in a larger pot.









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I agree pipeman I grew four plants under 4x4ft growlux flouros and two are afghani skunk and two are northern lights.The skunk stretched up with 1cm gaps towards tops and the skunk stayed low as and bushy as hell with a 3mm gap between nodes.

It just goes to show that two strains grown under the same conditions will do there own thing.

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