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feelin a little seedy...


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hi ozstoners,


finished a nice gro a while ago of g13 & white rhino.

In the crop I have a few immature seeds, nothing major just a few.

I don't mind a couple of seeds - even in some of the best Jamaican sensi you come across the occasional seed.

I wonder how this happened as I did not find any male heads on any of the plants. Someone advised that I should completely scrub my gro room with bleach to kill any pollen that may be in the room. Bit late for that as I already have another gro on the go & I am not gonna scrub the pots with bleach while the plants are growing obviously. Someone said that I may have got pollen from some mj I was smoking & contaminated my grow from pollen on my hands from the dope? Surely there would not be pollen in a bag of mj?


What do ya all reckon?


Happy herbin....

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could be from neighbours but why would anyone have a male plant on the go unless breeding? Also it would have to be an indoor male to be pollening at this this time of year?

I know my neighbours (I set their grorooms up for them!!!) & they only have females!

I wonder if pollen can come from a bag of weed?


Cheers fi the answer Mr Nicee


: )-~

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nah man...

Its the White Rhino..its selfs a little sometimes..I have got some nice looking beans from it...not many but a few..the last lot I did I only got 1 immature seed...but the time before that I got about 12 nice ones and 8 shit ones..and before that about the same...both times I had about 14 OZ finished of it..so we are talking 1 bean per OZ on everage or there abouts .its funny cause when i got the seeds it was in a flood and drain system..but this time round it was hand waterd in coco/perl mix.My mate got some too but hedidnt get any while flood and draining in clay but he got some in coco/perl.






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cheers kash,

you could well be right - i have had some plants self seed before.

I had a jack herer years ago that produced a few seeds (self seeded?) & the seeds were all female.

I got about the same amount of seed as you did, on both the g13's & the white rhino's. Wonder what the beens will be? If the wrhinos were the ones that produced the pollen then will the seeds from them be feminine pure wrhinos & the seeds on the g13 be g13 cross wrhino???

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