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White leaves

Guest Field_of_Light

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Guest Field_of_Light

Went over to a mates 2 weeks ago and saw that some of his plants had white leaves...went back today and saw that shitloads of em had white leaves...


I did some research on it and theres two main theories as to why this has happened...the lights are too close and the light is bleaching the chlorophyl out of the leaves...


The second is its a micronutrient lockout and the plants need to be flushed big time to to allow them to recover....


The problem seems to be with the leaves at the top 6 inches of the buds...


They are white...NOT YELLOW


this is from rosenthal...seems to be whats going on


Magnesium (Mg)


Mg is the central atom in chlorophyll and is also used in production of carbohydrates. (Chlorophyll looks just like hemoglobin in blood, but has a Mg atom. Hemoglobin has an Fe atom). In potted plants, Mg deficiency is fairly common, since many otherwise well-balanced fertilizers do not contain it.

Deficiency symptoms start on the lower leaves which turn yellow, leaving only the veins green. The leaves curl up and die along the tips and edges. Growing shoots are pale green and, as the condition continues, turn almost white.

Mg deficiency is easily treated using Epsom salts (MgSO4) at the rate of 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. For faster results, a foliar spray is used. Once Mg deficiency occurs, Epsom salts should be added to the solution each time it is changed. Dolomitic limestone contains large amounts of Mg."



Anyone else got any ideaS?

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Sounds like potassium deficiency, especially if it starts from the petiole and gets greener after the petiole. all you need to do there is add some more nutes, often happens at the start of flowering. I remember visiting a friend on his first grow after he called me up to say his plants we're already white with resin. liquid potash would probably be good whatever that is.


How come your always visiting friends with problems, but you never get a problem?? :wacko: lucky eh??? I got spidercuntas. :angry:

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Guest weekprik

I had a similar thing happen to me,

I tried everthing even the MG deficieny thing,


The only thing that worked for me was putting the plant outside under the sun, within 3 hours they started going green again,


I just smoked the plant and it produced good nuggs still,


I would say be careful about treating deficiencies as if your wrong you will cause nutelock out.

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How come your always visiting friends with problems, but you never get a problem??


That reminds me, I got this mate whose crops always fail..and he is always getting pissed trying to sabotage other peoples crops..My other mate reckons he brings vials of aphids and spider mites with him and releases them, and will tip shit in your tank when your not looking..










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Sounds like Iron Chlorosis to me... If the lighting being raised doesn't fix the problem, look into the nutrient regieme. Make sure that ph is on the lower side, as iron is locked out in high ph levels. You see this a lot in outdoor plants in spring, lock up comes after a long wet winter, which alkalises the soil over time, and when the first warmth of spring comes along the soil is too alkaline to allow good uptake of iron. The plant starts to shoot out and grow quickly, and there's not enough iron in available form to feed the plants needs... thus, iron chlorosis... They usually solve with either dosing extra iron in chelate form or slowly shifting the ph levels in autumn down before the winter.


Moving soil ph levels is a lot more difficult than changing levels in a hydro setup tho... Just get em to drop ph below 6 and the iron should start to come out... Alternatively, if the ph level isn't the problem, you should find out what nutrient brand they're using and check it's quality.... See if the concentration levels are down, like the ppm may be just under where it should be, causing iron deficiency and nothing else, yet... the other nute deficiencies will start to come out if it's a basic underferting...


Anyway, make sure they use an iron in Fe-DTPA form, a specific chelated form which is ph stable up to higher levels than the normal iron chelate used in most hydro nutes over the counter, Fe-EDTA. This particular type of iron isn't the best, and it sounds like the ph levels have locked it out. You can even get an iron chelate called Fe-EDDHA, which is ph stable in solution up to ph 9 or 10, but if you're growing in that, you're looking at some other serious problems. Still, adding a small amount of Fe-EDDHA, (a product called rexolin q contains this) to the nutrient solution can assist uptake, but as an exclusive source of iron it's not necessary... How many systems do you see running at pH 9? :wacko:


Anyway, for all that gobbledy-gook, what I'm trying to say is it's Fe chlorosis, check ph, check nutes, and if all else fails start fresh nutrients and see if that solves it.


Hope that helps ya FoL. Much respect to Practical Hydroponics And Greenhouses for giving me the knowledge. :D Here's a pH graph showing levels in different media types, soil and hydro, you've probably seen it before, but it's a good one, so I'll add it for posterity...


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Guest Field_of_Light

Man Ive had so many probs over the years....it always throws me when I get a phonecall...sometimes at 3 in the morning from people that have fucked their crops or have got a prob which CAN wait till morning....


But alas as of late Ive encountered some new ones...which I thought Id seen all fuckups from my own expereinces....but obviously not...and im the only on with net access to ask yall


My babies fuck up I know how to treat em as Ive done it before....:wacko:


Ta everyone

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