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hi all just bought this wicked timer and thought i would let you all know about it :P

it's a Ringgrip programmable electronic timer which you plug into the powerpoint then just plug the ballast into the timer.

firstly it has a time display (digital display) and can set days/hours/minutes it can be set to 6 different timing cycles (programmed into memory) so 6 days a week you could have your hid's running at different times and lengths or you can just have 1 setting to always switch on/off at the same times or turn on/off at certain times of the day :D

it also has a built-in rechargeable battery and a daylight savings function.


it cost me about $26 (aud) and i bought it from bigw ;)


technical details:

230-240v a.c 50hz

10A, 2400 watt max.

inductive loads 500 watt max. (whatever that means) ;)

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Guest Field_of_Light

ive never been a fan of ringgrip personally...too many bad experiences with thier fans, extraction fans, timers etc....


Make sure u keep your warranty....and i mean that seriously....

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Guest Urbanhog

I reckon the HPM's heavy duty Timer is the best, it costs about $40-50 but worth it, as its used for swimming pool pumps/filters and air conditioners, there's two HPM's one normal one in the $25 price range and other one that I mentioned above in the $40-50 range.


I rather spend extra for a heavy duty timer, too many bad experiences with cheap ones.

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Yeah all the cheap timers, digital,mechanical etc have the same contacts in them and they stik after a while.Best off with the heavy duty ones or the older ones if you got some.I got a 10 year old Arlec timer that just keeps going...but you get the exact same model new, and it will last no more than 6 months.Chinese contacts are just not up to scratch..and the elec companies dont seem to care.






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I like the HPS timers and would also recommend getting the heavy duty one. They have the little tabs you push up and down (no pins) are easy to adjust and you can have as many on/off times in 15minute increments as you want. The only thing thats bad about them is its easy to bump the dial without noticing and throw your times out.
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