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Advance Remote GRowing SYstem

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Hey, everyone this is my first msg , must say great site, take my hate off to the webmasters and members for their information.


One of my main Q's I read an Article in HT - The High tech GRow America Section and it mentioned an "aussie" manufactuor of remote controlling the grow room,() from an undisclosed location( DOn't u luv i.T), i thinks it's in W.A, northen Territory perhaps, it cost about a G for the basice type, and G & a Half for the DElux model and it sort of looks like a 2 channel DJ mixer with various I/O slots. It's a really nice peice of Hardware... Has anyone had experince with these remote/terminal thingies? Any info on it would gladly be appreciated... plase don't b shy, share the luv

Out :)

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I think the thing you are talking about is the hydro commander. It has a output of 2600 watts with inbuilt timers, fan/light/co2/resevoir points etc. I also know of a few people designing their own on many different scales. But to come under the aus standards it has to be under 10 amp :angry: The additions being made are to throw lights for 2 flowering cycles, and also double points so you can draw off two different circuits aswell. When i get some time ill try to do a photo shoot, should open alot of possiblities for people. I tried a google search but the website can not be found, hope that helps

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Google allows you to view the cached version of the document if it's no longer there.


So, you can try here, or here


From that second link:

*Not just any ordinary Hydroponics Controller.


     The HGT hydroponics control unit has been at the centre of a research and development project combining the talents of programmers at a major Australian software development company, an Australian design award winning R & D Engineer, a multi award winning Electronics engineer and a small community of indoor gardeners.  


      We at HGT have been able to gain extensive knowledge through our experiences in the hydroponics field, information sought through customer feedback, information gathered on the internet, information gathered from industry associations, university studies, retail outlets and feedback gained from our beta test sites (at which our units have been put through extensive testing). All of which has enabled us at HGT to develop the best possible control unit for you, the small to medium scale indoor gardener, regardless of your crop type or your hydroponics system type.


Crop growth rates

Crop quality

Crop harvest and yield size


Grow-room profit

Grow-room efficiency

Grow-room safety

Grow-room automation


Crop harvest times (potentially by weeks!)

Consumable usage and wastage


The effort needed to maintain a high performance indoor hydroponics set-up


Power usage

Grow-room expenses

Dangerous and unreliable timers

Power boards

Complicated and dangerous cabling


The Hassall's and the guess work


Simple to use menu system


Full utilization of the latest ultra reliable electronic technology


Plugs into a standard 10A 240V power outlet


Can control up to 2400W of light


Easy to install “plug & play”


Ultra reliable


High quality construction and components


3 year extended warranty


Controls CO2 enrichment for any size room


Sensor driven control


Current air-temperature & humidity, control and monitoring


Integrated CO2 & exhaust fan control


Raised keypad buttons for easy use


Current operation indicator lights


Flexible cycle times, the Hydro-Commander is not limited to a 24 hour clock


Telephone: (02) 9481 9030    FAX: (02) 9484 8421


 Postal address: P.O. Box 529, PENNANT HILLS. N.S.W. 2120 AUSTRALIA


Perhaps u can try and contact them for more info...I haven't had any experience with them....but I wouldn't mind seeing stonedas' pics though....

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