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Gendering, low light period

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Guest Field_of_Light
Kali Im assuming you arent about to turn em back once you have sexed em...if so they are going thru a major change in the structure as plants and you might lessen your end yield if you dont give them what they want....bloom nutrients
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Well i changed the light period down to 10 hrs of light and 14 off, I changed the nutrients 2 days ago and now there starting to showing gender.

I was planning on removing the males and keeping them on the 10hr peroid so i can get some pot to smoke while i put the females back into veg stage of 18hrs of light. Either that im gonna just clone the fems.

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Hey thanks pipeman sounds like a good idea.


Just waiting to tell which ones are fems and which are males.

Dont plants grow like 1 to 2 more ft when they are flowering.

My plants are almost 2 ft now. So when I gender the fems theyll be a little over 2ft hopefully, How long should i veg them again to get them to 4ft or a little more at harvest time.

Does switching from veg to flower, then back again mess with the end yeild/quality?

Also what the hell am i supposed to do with all the damn branches, they are getting long with lots of leaves, should the braches also be pruned too? I have been triming the fan leaves leaving 2 sets of leaves uptop and the plants seem to do good with this.

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Guest Field_of_Light

Is that 2 foot include your stretch? when you turn em to flower?


They just look a little skinny...maybe your lights area little high and if you lower em the plants will bush out and the stems may thicken up


Plus have you got a fan..that might help with the thickening of the stems...


Very healthy looking...

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when sexing your seeds i go from 24hr down to 6hr when approx

6 inches high depending on your srtain most males show there balls

within 3days then pull the malles and do what u want eg;flower in sep room 4 pollen.or dump em!

the females go back to 24hr 4for a week then into grow room and grow as per usual!

as far as does switching them mess with yeild usualy no but does depend on growing method/experiance.

most plants stretch approx 12 to 21 inches in first 18 days depending agian on strains.

a far as pruning tip all main colas add a fan ,and tie em down/out .


hope this helps dude! :rolleyes: WS

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