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Plans for first grow... advice?

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Hiho everyone well here is what i was planning for my first grow and would like all the advice you can think of :D


I have a storeroom in my garage that is about 1.5m by 2m and i think it was used for growing before as there is a hole in the roof for a ventilation fan and there are hooks all over the roof with 4 powerpoints in this little room. The room also has 4 removable bricks, and glue left on the wall from having something (im guessing a reflective surface as at the moment it's bricks) stuck to the wall. Anyway i just want to grow so i no longer have to pay for it and me and my housemate no longer have any supply worries. Because of this i only really want 2 plants however with the room i have it doesn't matter if they get quite big. I was planning on planting about 10-12 seeds and taking the two best females from that. I'm going to be growing using CF's until i save enough for a HPS which should be before flowering stage hopefully. Anyway thats what i want to do...... any suggestions on making the walls reflective (bearing in minds i cant paint them as it's a rental) and do i even need to bother really? I was planning on hanging the CF's from the hooks in roof so i can adjust their hieght as i need and giving them can reflectors to concentrate the light on the plants. I'm also planning on using soil rather than going hydro for 2 reason. The first being price as im cuurently a student i can't afford a hydro setup and the second being the fact that i preferr non chemical weed and like the natural way of using soil. anyway thanks for the rant and thanks for any help before the matter :D

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You definitely need to do something about the walls, firstly you should insulate from the bricks as in the colder weather they will suck the warmth out of the grow room, any old wall panelling, plywood or similar would do the job. The walls could then be painted or covered with panda film. Also if you only intend to grow a couple of plants (not really enough for two light smokers) you would be better off just putting an old wardrobe in there and growing in that.



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The space you have sounds fine, depending on the situation of the bricks they can either absorb the heat you are putting into them, or they can release any heat they absorb during the day any release it gently during the night.


As long as they're receiving some direct sunlight. If not then you should consider insulating your grow room. Maybe for a first time grow this is not so important as you are growing for the experience mainly. Then you can work on your techniques or maturing, harvesting, drying and curing.


On the subject on curing, that is to your personal taste. Some people like to have their smoke very mellow and have been known to allow their buds and colas to sit for months at a time.


Others rather a smooth but also harsh cough smoke where the buds have only cured for a week, maybe two.


The secret to curing buds extremely well is to control the humidity within the area you are storing the buds. Within the first few days you want to keep the humidity high around 85% - 90%. The slower you dry the buds the smoother the smoke will be.


Over the period of 2 weeks, drop the humitidy 10% - 15% every 2 or 3 days, depending on your feeling about it.

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