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The CF truncheon

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G'day.. I was considering actually getting one of these things now.. only because I want to try out various nute solutions...


Is this the truncheon that everybody seems to know and love??? It has the led readouts...


I'm gonna get one of these but I wanted to know what calibration stuff to get with it and how much and how often you use the calibration powder/solution... how long does it last??


What should I get??


CF TEST BUFFER (220ml bottle) or,

1413US/CM BUFFER (20ml satchel) or,

1382 PPM BUFFER (20ml satchel) or,

5000US/CM BUFFER (20ml satchel) ???


what one would you recommend and why??



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Guest weekprik

Mate, get the truncheon, IMO its just as important to the grow as the plant itself,


as far as calibration stuff goes, the truncheon is factory set and NEVER needs adjusting, it doesnt go out of adjustment as long as the instructions are followed.


so u wont need any of those items lol

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Yeah, truncheons don't usually need calibration, but it pays to check once a year to be sure. Like weekprik said tho, if you look after it and use it according to instructions, then it should never go out of calibration.


Cleaning the electrodes is important to make sure you get the best out of it. I use a small amount of normal (not lemon or otherwise scented) jif, on the tip of your finger, take off the cap at the bottom and rub it on the electrodes in a circular motion. Rinse with fresh water, and it's clean as new. Of course, if you look after it, you shouldn't have to do this more than every few months or so.


I highly recommend that if you're growing in hydroponics, to get one. It gives you more precise control over nutrient levels than anything else. The truncheon kicks ass on every other conductivity meter. NZ Hydroponics make a ph meter too I think, but most growers shouldn't need an electronic one, you can do well with a universal indicator type. Nothing is more accurate than universal indicator, and it never needs calibration. Flairform make a great ph indicator for only $5.


Most of the nutes I've bought have got incorrect concentration instructions on them, one I made up to instructions and ended up with 2.8!!!! That's waaaaay to high for young plants. So yeah, get one, and watch your plants grow better than ever before!!! lol

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