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Seedling Dying.

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Hi all,

I have 3 seedlings under flouro's about 4-6 inches away, They are 16 days old in perlite/vermiculite.

They look like they are dying, The leaves are going off colour, They are getting lighter and then heading towards yellow/brown. This is starting from the tips of the leaves heading in, Fast.

2 were transplanted recently and have had their first drink of 1/4 strength nutes, This prob started before the transplant and nutes but the nutes seemed to speed things up.

The 2 first round leaves are the healthiest looking, They aint effected.

Could this be overwatering, I water from the bottom so the cups sit in a couple mills of water most of the time.

Any help or advice much appreciated,


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Guest weekprik



sounds like you need to flush with water for 2 days?


nute burn for sure is my GUESS, I would also stop watering for 24 hours and see how they look.

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All is now well.

I flushed with ph adjusted water and for curiosity i checked flushed water for ph and it was over 8, I continued flushing till it came out at around 6ish.

I stupidly havn't been checking ph of the tap water as i have never had a prob with it going out of the 6-7 range, Well now it was over 8.

They still looked sickly after 3-4 days but dying slowed, I started feeding at around 300 ppm and after another 3-4 days everything started looking good.

They are at week 4 and starting their 5th set of leaves. :P

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