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Simple way to adjust your lights

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Depending on your requirements for the light is to what system you use to hang it....If it is to be moved up and down it either needs chains or wire with a pulley system... to go side to side and up and down is slightly different




A large hook to hang from room/panda frame

1 or 2 pulley/eyebolt systems

One or two cleates or tieoff points

3 U bolt wire clamps

Length of wire (plastic coated displayed)


Assemble as shown in pic ( two screws and wingnuts bottom right to atttach light shade)


If you want to slide the light aswell as move it up and down..Attach wire directly to light by wire clamp.. slide complete metal ring or wire over panda frame..attach a second piece of wire to the ring run this wire to the opposite side of the room thru a pulley or eyebolt then back to a point about 30 cm away from up and down tie off... this prevents ring sliding when hieght is to be adjusted...


Remember thou if you move the ring towards you(let line out) the light will drop a little and rise when ring pulled away...pretty easy stuff once you get the hang of it....


If you are using a lowbay light with the ballast and fixture as one piece attach extra supports on heavy end.....


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