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Simple Hand Watering System

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Hey all,

A few members have been hassling for this info....sorry its not so indepth for pics etc but rushed for time....


Anyhow what you will need


20-100litre tub/tank

water heater (size to suit)

Air pump/stone

water pump (600 ltr/hour rio type)

length of garden hose and attachment

length of 1"pvc pipe (size to suit)

1 or 2 1" hose clamps


Fill tub with required amount of water (60-75% of volume recommended) side walls of tub may need some supports or straps to stop distortion of tubs due to temp changes...


Add air stone, air/water pump and heater to water... (2L of boiling water per 10L to speed up warming process)

heater may need to be mouted off base or side walls to reduce distortation of plastic


Cut a desired length of hose (allow enough to reach backmost point + 1 mtr) attach one end of hose to the 600 pump and feed one hose clamp and pvc pipe(length to suit how far you need to reach)[over two meters use three lengths cable tied together to support lag/wobble in pipe..


Attach other clamp and/or the hose end piece and then slide pvc to that end of hose. Use the hose clamp to stop the pvc sliding between the hose attach and the pump...


Few notes to add.....


Always make sure the hose end piece is in the resevoir even if pump is turned off and hose point locked off... water pressure will win :D .....whole tank will drain out over peroid of 24 hours....


Attach a label or reminder to turn the pump off after use otherwise it burn out as its pumping against itself


If theres anything i missed or qs feel free to add stonedas


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