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Help out JRS if you can...

Guest bacchus

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Guest bacchus

some of you may have read the post by jrs, asking for donations of nice genetics to help raise funds for the service.....

unfortunately i am unable to do so personally as i have only just taken a serious interest in breeding and genetics and as i grow outdoors, i can't really go into seed production mode yet...

so anyhow, jrs has not asked me to do this, but as a recipient of his and others kindness, i would like to do all i can to help plead his case...

please, please, please, if you have any seed stock to spare that could go towards charity auctions at c-bay to raise funds for jrs, please contact him asap....this is not for his gain but for costs associated with developing the service

jrs is an invaluable service to newbie growers from around the world and i hope to see it and other sites like it running well into the future....





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I 2nd that bacchus jrs dose do a good thing, i only wish i had some thing i could give him but i am only a new at this indoor growing (just started my 2nd grow) but as i get better and learn more i will give back to jrs maby not in time to help with this at the moment but any one who can help please do, with out people like jrs a lot of new growers like me who are on a low income would not be able to get some good seed stock so againe if you can please help johnny:D Edited by ozmade
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thanks alot for your support guys and gals, but i have called the whole thing off for now. it was causing too many problems for me. jrs will continue to be there and run, but i'm going to have to go another route for raising cash. alot of distrust in the mj community and i wouldn't want to do anything to tarnish the name and good reputation of jrs. of all the sites i posted on, this is the only one that accepted my post at face value. thank you for that. alot of others accused me of being greedy and in it for myself. thanks for your support.

jrs :)

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I think what you are doing is exceptional work JRS !!

I am just a newbie grower, but down the line I hope I can throw something back into this community.

This site is different, for one its not American. All aussie, and I think most here have an open attitude towards things.

So JRS stick around and help this place grow day by day...!!!!!!!!

take care





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Guest Wilderbud

I have found I am really interested in a strain when it has a special taste.


I smoked the Mango strain [hopefully the Mango strain thats sold as Mango through seedbanks - although the stuff I had was a little bit 'musky' IIRC] for a while about 10 years ago and it had a definate taste of Mango to it and I loved it. This is the only popular strain [with flavour I like] Ive tried in my time but I have also tasted 2 flavours in weed which I fell in love with...


One was 'custard buds' which I smoked for a few months about 5 years ago [i lit the sucker up during a smoke-in held at Boulder Lodge in Fortitude Valley [the last event held there] and everyone around me was aroused by the smell of it [too bad I only had a tinny] - it tasted like custard also and was VERY smooth and gave a very trippy stone.


The other is what I call 'nutmeg buds' [i have been smoking this stuff for a few months now - mmmmm] and I am growing 2 seeds at the moment which I will cherish for a long time hopefully. It tastes so much like nutmeg I try to get anyone who smokes it to taste some nutmeg and experience the similarity. This weed has great taste but really needs to be cross-bred as its hard to know youre wasted until you are active or onto the third session - deep down inside, I hope its a male as Ive read that males tend to express flavour? [or is it Sativa instead of males - hmm]


... its too bad I am not able to grow the custard bud as I could have combined them to make 'custard pie bud' - hahah!


If I ever grow a stable strain I think others would like I would of course love to share seeds from it but as my growing skills are still rusty itll take a while before I can start to learn to breed fine strains. :)

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