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In need of weed! A few Questions

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Right , i have just arrived in Oz (Newcastle) and fancied trying my hand at a bit of gardening. However i have a few questions!


1. Where can i get some seeds from? Can i buy them online over here or can u buy them from shops?


2. Whats the penalty if caught growing? ( Just a couple of plants)


3. What is the best strain for growing outside over here?


Thats about it i suppose unless anyone wants to send me some weed/seeds i would be more than happy!





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Guest elefunk_delivers

Sup Rick

welcome to 420...


to anwser your questions...


1> why buy seeds, when u can buy clones..?


check out... http://www.aussiespc.cjb.net

New web site comming soon..

pro delivery aust wide..


but if u still want seeds - http://mjoz.tk/

also pro delivery aust wide


2>Keep it under 8 otherwise, if caught your presented as a commerical grower..



3>Prob wont b able to grow vege outdoors still mid/late august coz days r too short...

or veg indoors.. then throw out when the time is right..


Strain wise... its what your taste is like..

do u preffer Indicas or Sativas..?

u have so many to choose from..





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