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Just after germinating

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Hello hows it going.

Now at the moment i am germinating my seeds.


I bought some potting mix today, 6 pots, and some blood n bone fertiliser.

Now i was wondering after the 6 have germinated i place one in each pot.

But do i fill the pot half up with potting mix then put the seed in sprout down then fill over it.

How deep does the seed have to be ?

Do i sprinkle a bit of blood n bone on each or mix it in ?

How much water should i use in the seedling stages if i am using 2 high powered lights (Not sure what yet) in a closet ?


Any help would be great thanks.

Write back

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Hey hows it going.

This is how i germinated.


Paper towel (Plain) making 4-5 layers dampen it with distilled water. putting the seeds in - 6 of them.


Then putting the other half of the paper towel on it.

Put it in a sandwich back ziplock n seal it cover it with a upside down bowl and keep it in a darkened area.

Is that right ?


After about 16 hours the seeds have looked like they are getting like a milimetre tale on them like the seeds changing shape is that right ?


Write back bye.

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