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I dunno how to explain this......

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I have a 4 plants budding atm under 2X 400 W hps's............

Now, i also have a plant in a cupboard that is flowering under a 250 W hps. The plant in the cupboard is named Felix. dunno if anyone remembers but i had major probs with this plant when it was a baby, i got the seed outa some wicked gear i got from Coffs harbour. anyway....

Since i have my other monster plants going really well under the 400's i havnt worried to much about Felix. shit like...... she's gone 4 days with NO light at all. hasnt been watered for 3 weeks blah blah blah. but she's still alive AND! she is smelling like MANGO! fuked if i know how but it is. now my prob.

The buds on felix are so ummmmmmmm........... (looking for the right word)......... ummmm sparse??? grrrrrrr..... like umm, it's not growing flower on flower, it just shots these pissy little things out and then moves on......

Is this a light issue? should i have a 400 on her? or is it just a strain thing?


Anyone ?


I'll attach a pic.

sorry for the S.A i'm really stoned atm........



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I would say that it's got a bit more Sativa in it than your other plants, Sativas stretch more than Indica's and will flower heavier, they take a bit longer to mature though.



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g'day; looks to me like its been in flower for too long, now it is used to 12/12 light cycle it has decided to regenerate.

you have 2 options imo, either harvest it now and count your losses, or put it back to 18/6 light cycle for about 4weeks then try 12/12 again.

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