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Penalties for possession

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What are the penalties for just having enough weed on you to smoke when it is clear that there isn't enough for supply or dealing? I've heard that they just take it (probably to smoke themselves) and give you an unofficial warning. Can an arsehole cop give you a record for it? Is it safe to smoke in public places, or should I just smoke before going out?
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You can get a conviction for small amounts in NSW, And you have to answer their questions wisely.

If they find a little on you they will start to hassle you to were the rest is, If you say it had been smoked previously then you wont have just a possession charge but one for use aswell.

I've got a few charges under my belt mainly for use, Possesion and possession of utensils, Each charge gave me a fine of around $100. each, I've also been let off for carrying small amounts on me.

Once 2 friends and i were busted smoking and charged, 1 friend and i had legal aid and we both got a $100 fine each, My other friend who went in unreprisented got a $70 fine.

They were getting more leanient and giving warnings and on the spot fines till people started giving false names and stuff, Now their going back to charging.

I think your best off smoking at home or at the best you will have your smoke confiscated, The worst you will get, In NSW, For a first offence will be around $100 + court costs.

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Marijuana is still an illicit substance in South Australia even though it was widely "decriminalised" for personal use by the Labour Government in 1987. That government brought in an expiation fine system where simple possession of small quantities enabled the police to give you a fine and no criminal record - rather like a parking fine. This "decriminalisation" of cannabis has served to stop the crowding of courts of stoned offenders of a victimless crime and makes an important distinction between personal use and dealing.

that's in SA.



for the rest of the article,


quite humourous in places and informative in others.

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Ditto to above - varies greatly state to state - I've only been busted for growing but I was "forwarned" in ACT, ripped out half my plants and only got busted for growing 5 - received $200 fine (which I never paid and was never chased for) - Got busted for 1 wittle wittle plant In Qld and got $750 fine (or30 days inprisonment). Something to keep in mind though - the only thing the cops have actually locked me up for was for not paying a fine for smoking a cigarette in a taxi (was driving by myself at the time) - I didn't pay it for the principle matter of it all. Can you believe pulling someone over and fineing them for a cigarette. (I did my time and they didn't get any money from me for that one) I can stop smoking pot anytime and do without it but have been trying to stop smoking ciggies since May and Geeeez what a struggle it has been and still is. Nicotine addiction is a ......
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Cheech, this one's from down your way, should ease your worries a bit. I got it from http://www.courts.tas.gov.au/supreme/sente...oct1.html#MOELL





Susanne Moell you are for sentence upon one count of possessing Indian Hemp. On 11 April 2002, police searched your property at Bruny island. They found nearly 400 plants growing in 3 allotments, and inside your house there was no less than 25 lbs of cannabis heads and leaf in various stages of being dried. You say that it was all for your own use and that you had no idea when you planted the seeds that so much would be produced. You are to be sentenced upon that basis because the jury were unable to agree upon the charge of trafficking and the Crown accepted the alternative charge of possession in satisfaction of the indictment.


The trouble with possessing such a large amount of cannabis is that there is a risk that some of the drug will find its way onto the criminal market and into the hands of people who have not before used this illicit drug. This is so notwithstanding that you had no intention to derive a commercial profit from your crop. When it is there, there is a temptation to give some away, perhaps in exchange for goods or services, and there is always the risk of it being stolen for I doubt if your criminal activity was a well kept secret in your community and circle of friends.


The court does not usually send to prison persons who are convicted for the first time of possessing Indian Hemp. The trouble is that this is not your first time. You were convicted of the same offence in March 2000 and ordered to perform 126 hours of community service. Within about 18 months of being in court, you planted this crop. Worse, this crop far exceeded in size that in respect of which you were convicted the first time. Accordingly, there is no doubt that a prison sentence is called for to punish you and to act as a personal deterrent against you committing this offence or a related offence again.


I have to confess to having wavered with respect to the execution of a sentence of imprisonment. After consideration overnight I have decided that you should be given a last chance, but if you offend again you will certainly go to gaol. The orders of the Court are:


a conviction


a sentence of 5 months imprisonment to date from 8 October 2002


the execution of the whole of that sentence be suspended upon condition that you commit no offences against the Poisons Act for a period of 2 years from today.



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Few things to consider...

Large scale is always to make hash from because normal leaf,thrichome and buds arent good enough for daily consumption.


Never ever store it bagged up in equal amounts or with scales. Brown paper bags or tupperware containers are a better choice.


If going out make sure its all ready for use not do it there. That disclaims all utensils etc. It is all for my personal use as giving any away is supply.



If asked where you got it from its always a bloke down the pub. Feel free to tell them what strain it is, and why they arent out looking for real criminals.


Apart from that keep everything to yourself and they have to make the case on you.

If caught by a dog then tell them you smoked a few hours earlier and how good a nose the dog has. Occasionally the officer gets so worked up about their best mate they forget about what they were doing. Next thing you know your walking away with your smoke B) B) Another good one is to put a small amount of fresh buds in your wallet or ciggies, remove before going out and then if they stop you it was in there. Most times they wont check further if you appear to be honest with them..

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