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Late Start?

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Hi all, I germinated a couple of bag seeds round march some time, (totally forgot the dates), just for a little fun.

Anyway, theyre doing pretty well, i've got em outside in a nice potting mix. The initial growth was pretty slow, (the weathers been kinda strange here on the Goldy), but theyve formed their first few sets of 5set leaves and seem to be growing at a better pace now.


But my question is this.. I know the harvest season is at the end of April early May, so I planted them at the worst possible time and was wondering what theyre likely to do. Will they stay in veg all the way through to next April, or are their chances pretty doomed?


thanks again

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I've made a test planting recently of bb x ww in late march, and this just means the plants will not get very large before going into flower. The yeild will be way down from a correctly vegged plant. I'm not too sure, but shouldn't those of you above the 26th parallel be able to grow in a much longer season? I mean, I used to live on the west coast up around that level and the growers there can utilise a much longer growing season than down here, of course, it all depends on the strain, really. Some strains will react by going straight to flower once the plant is about 30cm or so high, others may get as high as a couple of feet before being triggered by waning daylight hours. So don't worry too much about them, just give them the lower end of your nutrient strength and work up until the plant finds a good level. Because of the smaller size, she needs less nutes, but just as much attention. If you're lucky, you may even be able to harvest and go for a reveg! That's if she's a long flowering strain though, because I can't see an indica living through a 6 month 12/12 and making it out the other end, but maybe up north..... Anyway, I hope that helps.
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i'd say they will go into flower and day now if they havent already, im in sydney planted some beans around the same time they 1 plant went into flower bout 3-4 weeks after it popped ouuta the ground got to around 2ft tall maybe 2 and a half, got maybe nealy 1 ounce of it, got another plant now just going into flower its bout 2 ft tall aswel, has been vegging for bout 1 month, id say its the cold nights and the shorter days making them flower early but its all good should get atleast 1-2 ounces of this baby. :P i bring my plants in of a night now cause its way to cold in sydney now, i get up bout 5.30a.m and put them back outside for a hole day of goodness, gotta look after the lil ladies right and they will look after you :P :P


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:P i got a plant just went into flowering yesterday, :P its only 20cm tall with about 15-16 sets of leaves. I started to see some white hairs coming off it i thought nothing of it but now a flower has started at the top of the plant. This will be a very small bud?? Any1 had this happen before?



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