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Hey guys


while reading my post of asking urbie for a recipe with heeps of tabsco in it i was muching around in the good old kitchen while i was stoned and made this recipie it wasnt bad at all and if you love super hot chillie this will give you the quick fix you need :D






* Frankfuts

* Grated Cheese

* Chillie Oil

* tabasco

* Magie Chillie & Garlic Sauce

* bacon bits

* Hot dog Bun's





Boil the frankfuts in hot water and add very small touch of chillie oil as its awfully hot in the water . When Frankfuts are ready slice them down the middle but make sure they dont split add the tabasco sauce and grated cheese and put them in the microwave for around 40 seconds . then put it in the bun and poure more cheese over the hot frankfut add your bacon bits and add your magie chillie & Garlic sauce . :P IT'S LIKE A LITTLE SLICE OF HEAVEN




if you like adding onion wouldt hert

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Guest Field_of_Light

or instead of onion try some sauerkraut........

instead of the hotdog....try a cheese and chicken kransky......

I grow my own chilies and do ever prefer the taste of fresh chilli......love the chilliS!

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