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when to take cuttings?

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Heya guys ... I thought this would be a more relevant question here than starting a new thread.


With mummy plants, do you simply keep them under 24 hour fluro lighting to maintain them healthy and at the same height?

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Wassily says to give bloom nutrients, sols says veg nutrients and I like to flush for a week :D but as I have taken clones from plants in the grow room in both veg and flower without flushing it looks to me like all the methods work ok so take your pick ::P:



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I have not taken any clones before (first timer) but from what I have read the common theme seems to be to get the Nitrogen levels down by flushing for a week prior to taking the clones. This seems to make sense as the nitrogen is going to produce growth...you don't want growth you want the cutting to concentrate on producing roots. But as Tom says it seems you can take your pick as he has had success in both flowering and veg stages without any flushing!! :blink:
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Guest weekprik

its never made alot of difference in my SHORT experiances, althought i have found the clones faster and eaiser to clone if they are cut about 4 inches long and put in to water,


IE get a plastic container fill it 3/4 with water and weak superthrive or similar, and cover it with plastic wrap eg glad wrap,

make holes JUST big enough to pass the stalks through and ensure 1/2 inch is under the water, then place em under fluros, the plastic wrap supports the plants, oh make sure you put an airstone in the mix also.


Ive never lost a clone using this method,

I dont use the method myself anymore as im too lazy to keep checking the water, Ideally also cover the plastic with mylar or something so the water cant see the light, roots dont like light.

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