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Ok, this has me stumped

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Having a problem with blotchy yellowing of the leaves. My plants are otherwise healthy and growing well, but beginning three weeks ago the lowermost leaves have started turning a blotchy yellow colour, with the very bottom leaves now brown and dead.


This problem is clearly working it's way up the plant. I have alreadyconsidered Magnesium deficiency as a cause and have been treating them with magnesium sulphate, but this has had no effect on the problem and I no longer consider this the cause.


The plants are growing in pH 6.5 soil/vermiculite/perlite mix, and are watered with pH corrected water every 2-3 days backed up by moisture-meter readings. I fertilise with Fish and Kelp 4:1:1 fortnightly.


Sorry for the long post, but this problem has got me scratching my head lol




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