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How much organic ferts to use

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I'd like to know how much organics people are using per plant.

If they are relatively safe, couldnt you chuck in heaps and expect it to last all season?

I was growin with this guy in south WA who used blood and bone and he said two handfuls would push them up to 6ft. But do organics and other slow release ferts work when healthy girls grow an inch per day during summer?

A lotta guys like Dynamic Lifter too. How much of this can you add before its too much? And how long does this last? If you used too much would the smoke taste like chicken? (Mmmm, chicken...)

Being a guerilla grower, concentrated chemical ferts are good but can burn plants like nuthn else. Besides, thers little rain during summer to water in these granulated ferts.

A lotta questions here I know- any suggestions would be great!

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Good to hear about people using organics. For many years I've been relying on one outdoor crops to yield enough bud for a year - and usually do ok.


The secret is pre-planning and having a well prepared plot. After harvest in March, the plot is left empty, but the earth turned over occasionally over winter. Around August, I mulch the plot with the contents of the compost bin and sprinkle a few handfuls of garden lime over it - organic compost can tend to be a bit acidic (as can many bush soils). While the compost is breaking down, i start the seeds - the aim is to let the ground rest until the plants are strong enough to plant out in september.


Dynamic lifter is preferred fert. I give them two doses of this. First when the plants have been outside a few weeks, are looking strong and have obviously survived the transplanting. A handful to roughly a square metre is plenty.


The next dose of Dynamic lifter is harder to time - think of it this way. When does a plant need the most nutrition? Answer: when it is expending the most energy - ie during flowering. We know that cannabis gets ready to flower when the nights start getting longer and in Oz this happens from Dec. 21st onwards. So I repeat the dynamic lifter around Christmas. Same amount - its just a waste to overdo it.


The trick is to catch them before they go into their 'inch a day' stage, and make sure they have plenty of nutrition to use over this rapid grow/veg period. After this, mine are left pretty much to their own devices to do what they do best. lol


Hope this is helpful. Dont overdo the fertz - organic or chemical.



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I'm amazed at the all the things that can affect the uptake of nutes by plants...I havn't ever had a problem just by sticking a plant in the ground and letting it grow with a bit of ferts....It seems that if you are unfortunate enough not to pick an ideal location then you could have all kinds of problems...If you add the correct amount of ferts in a soil with high ph you might get nute lockout etc and not knowing this put in more nutes etc...it's always a good idea to check the ph of your water and soil before going problem solving with nutes....however, if it's not ph problems then you can start playing with the nutes etc...BTW I personally have found fish emulsion to be a most amazing fertilizer to use on mj...


here's an excellent link I got from Tom...



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