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Seasol & last fert...?

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hi all,

i was wondering if someone could help me please....I was wondering when would be the latest time to water with seasol,have I missed it?Or could I do one more if I get to it quick?

If so,will I somehow have to flush the plants so I dont taste it??I hope not as I have no clue on how to do that..? lol

Any suggestions/advice would be much appreciated.Thanks.


Rastagirl ;)

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Hey tom....Seasol is an organic fert...its a kinda fishy one (like fish emulsion) but its made from seaweed....I have used it twice (at a mates redommendation) & the buds seem to love it... lol

So,I am guessing that as long as its organic its ok to use at this late stage?Would that be right?

Also,can anyone point me in the direction of a thread about "flushing"......Thanks.


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g'day; you cannot flush plants that are growing in the ground.

if buds are ready for harvest within next 2 weeks dont add more nutrients. if harvest not expected until end of April, nutrients added now will not harm, but may help.

'Lush' by "yates" is also great to add to flowering mj plants as booster, made for tomatoe.

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