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hey all just wondering when should buds start to smell, i ask because my buds are a little bigger than a bic lighter (just to give you an idear on size) and that have no smell to them yet, as i said it mite sound dumb but when i have grown outside the buds are only the size of a marble thay have got a smell to them with in door dose the smell take longer or is it the type of plant it is i just dont know so any and all advice would be grate :P


bong on aussie :P

ozmade :P

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g'day; some strains are not as oderous as others, they dont all smell like skunk,(if skunk smelled like buds who would complain?), some strains have almost no odour to buds, others are fruity or sweet smelling, no need to worry about odour in relation to buzz-ability :P
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mind that when you dry they WILL smell and that you have something to prevent the smell of going to where you don't want it.



and uh sols,..

buzz-ability :P


YOU ROCK SOLS!http://www.clubs.nl/ClubsData/67948/incoming/rasta.gifhttp://www.clubs.nl/ClubsData/67948/incoming/joint(1).gif

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G'day Tom, tboat, sols,urbie and ozmade.

I've only seen some vague postings on other sites like cannagenetics.com about odour and aroma... Could you guys steer me to a low smelling strain from ozco? I still havn't made up my mind yet but I kind of need some heavy stone couch-lock stuff but also would luv somethin trippy and no/low anxiety too??? mostly i'm interested in the low odour strains though...thanks


cheers, putard


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Northern Lights is famous for having a low smell. And is heavy couchlock stuff, I've Grown Oasis (Dutch Passion) and found it to have no smell and be a quality strain. Not real high quality enough for me to keep, but most of the strains I've kept have cost twice as much, and a good powerful smell is important to me, Oasis is a hybrid of Northern Lights #2, I think its crossed with a Shiva skunk x skunk father which (if I'm right) should have added heaps of smell, but I found it smell free.

I'm not sure if they sell it at Ozco though, but some other NL strains with low smell are Closet Queen (TH seeds) which is pure NL#2 and Northern Lights #9 (sagarmartha) But I have not grown these strains, I'm just saying that 'cos of the seedbank descriptions.


I think smell is an important factor in picking your buds at the optimal time with many strains. And nothing is better than sitting in a room full of smelly buds, but if that is what you want. I'd try a Northern Lights selection.


As for anti-anxiety pot, I think pure indicas are the best for this, and NL is fairly pure indica, The strains that get me real paranoid are haze hybrids and shit. But I find Indica's are fairly neutral on anxiety. Hazes are like mushrooms in the way that if you aren't worrying about shit they are the best, but if you are they will depress you.

The only strain I've come across that has an actual anti-anxiety effect is flo which is mostly sativa, but most other sativas get me paranoid, Flo makes you happy, but it has a fair bit of smell and doesn't yield too good indoors.

But all this is just how it works for me, I might get paranoid off pot that makes others happy and vice-versa.

I think most of it is all in your head anyway, just how comfortable you feel in that situation with that pot.

Like if you smoke in a big group of hardarses you don't know and you don't feel comfortable in that situation then any pot will make you paranoid.

I dont have this problem cos I'm a hermit and smoke in the exact same situation all the time so I think I am in a position to judge this kinda thing. As I rarely worry about anything anyway. But yeah, flo is the only one that has a real anti-anxiety effect for me, stops me worrying about shit, I had a smoke of Flo the day my dad died and I forgot all about it and was laughing about it and shit. The next night I had some Jack Herer and I felt real guilty and just plain wrong.

But also, I dont know if you will find a mix of anti-anxiety and trippy together, I find hazes are the trippy strains but also paranoid. Anyhoo, I think most of it has to do with state of mind when you smoke.

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