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How do i care for mums.

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Hi all,

I want to start keeping some mums for future clones but i need some help on keeping them alive.

I will have 4 under 3 CF's, Do i need more light?. They are in dirt so i dont have to care for them to much.

How often do i feed? and at what strength do i feed?.

At the moment i have some Miracle-Gro 15, 13.1, 12.4, Will this be ok or should i use something else?.

I will also be adding some more CF's in the future, The size of space is, 2ft x 1 1/2ft x 2ft high.

Thanks heaps, Much appreciated,


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1 - 2 mums are all the average grower needs unless keeping multiple strains, I use one 20w CF on 24/0 for my 2 mums, I add another when starting clones and my nutrients at half strength. Check the link in my signature.



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I got 3 boxes the same size but I got 2 CF's each.

But yeah, why bother with 'fish and kelp plus' if you need to add epsom salts, use a cheap Hydroponic fertilizer I say,

You should do a look for a thread called 'bonsai mums' or sumthing like that. Root pruning is the key to keeping your mums small, and only feed 'em when they show defficiencies. Root pruning is much harder in soil.

if they are all the same strain, I say keep just 1 and grow it as wide as 4.

I make my mums by taking a cutting from mid branch not the tip, then you have very low branches.

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Can you explain how Epsom salts only masks Magnesium deficiency as I was under the impression That Epsom Salts is Magnesium Sulphate? And to 'mask' the deficiency would mean that it was nolonger noticeable?



I advised fish and kelp because it has ALL trace elements including Magnesium for MJ, it was Miracle Grow that does not. I'm sure there are plenty of other nutes that do. I agree that hydroponic nutes are good too, as long as they contain Magnesium, Fish and Kelp was just my preference as I grow organic.




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