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Water cooled lighting.... a few Q's....

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Just enquiring about water cooled hoods for 400w hps lighting.... Does anyone have any experience or know of any friends with experience using a water cooled hood? I've been thinking more and more about it as I have only a small amount of room to put a grow in, my last room being a small cupboard, 600mm x 600mm x 1800mm.


I found that keeping the temps down in such a small space was extremely hard, to say the least! I recall that at one time in the last grow I had a small disaster, the extraction and intake fans failed! lol I didn't notice for only about an hour, and in that time, the entire canopy was burned brown down around 4 or 5 cm down from the tops in some places, and had to be trimmed back to healthy growth again! :rolleyes: 2 weeks later, growth started to return to normal, but the experience taught me a lot! (and cost me yeild, too.....)


So now that I'm looking around for the mkII grow cupboard, (probably a two door 2nd hand wardrobe) I'm giving serious consideration to getting into watercooled lamp hoods, so as to drop temps and allow me to inject co2 (my previous grow had to have the fans running almost constantly during the day period and a fair amount of the dark too, just to maintain temps in an acceptable range), which will give me a faster growth rate and quicker turnaround generally. It will also do a great deal for stealthing the grow more too, no fans pumping out the beautiful smelling, (to me, anyway) pungent aroma of ripening buds and making noise all the time, only having to change the air every few hours will hopefully also reduce the elec bill too....


So, any advice? Can anyone give me some pricing, availability info? I live in west oz so if the dealer is on the east coast can they deliver fairly cheap? I hope that this isn't too many q's, but I've had a bit of a look, and I can't find squat! Any information about water cooled hoods for hid lights will be greatly appreciated, and not soon forgotten....


Thanks guys, I practically live here now! lol



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That's true, but isn't a water cooled hood capable of extracting 95% of all heat energy emmited by the lamp whereas an air cooled hood is able to reduce by only 50%? :huh: I'm not sure where I saw that, and it may have even been here, but that's the kind of heat reduction I'm looking for. If I'm going to use one of these systems I'll also lose some light? Do you know the comparitive lumen loss on a 400w of both air-cooled hood and water cooled? And tom, what's the price you'd put on you're average air-cooled hood, keeping in mind I already have the lamp, socket and ballast? (And a reflector too, but it's just an open-ended multiangle. Quite good, but imo not able to be converted.)


Thanks mate.....


peace :)

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