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newspaper does it work?

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I know that newspaper gives off a fair bit of c02 when it breaks down, has anyone used it as mulch or other? interested to know if there is enough co2 produced to make a difference outdoors? i know some growers stick to the older forests for this reason, just wonderin if the newspaper would be any good??? :rolleyes:
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Guest elefunk_delivers

Have u tryed the Beer Yeast method..?


if not.... pls put that bong down.. NOW..


Goto the supermarket and buy BEER YEAST off the shelf, for home brew kits...

about 3-4 bucks a packet if that



Beer yeast


1 Lt empty drink bottle with cap..






Pour Yeast into bottle (one statty only needed)

fill water half full, then pour sugar,then cap bottle & shake...

aprox 3 mins..

leave 2 settle, and open cap.. (dont open too quickly or tyoo soon coz shit might happen)


notice the bubbles rising from the bottom thats co2..


Pls note this is method only works during the vegative stage... so im told..


pls check every 3-4 days and top up with sugar and shake...




Hope this is ok..

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The newspaper will break down fairly slowly, meaning that any benefit of Co2 will be next to nil. Newspaper makes a great mulch though. 1/2 doz layers thick will keep all weeds down (except the one you want to grow), and will reatin moisture very well. cover the paper with some leaf scrap or whatever, and then fork in some holes for aeration. The newspaper will break down over the time of the grow, and will provide nitrogen to the soil. :P



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